The Wild Unknown Tarot - Son of Cups


There is hardly any colour in this card.
Against a background of black and white cross hatching and small black corners that make me think of a photograph album is a young looking white swan. He is travelling from left to right and looks relaxed; his neck is folded back quite a long way, he's almost resting but there is movement there. Next to him (in front of him in the image) is a crystal goblet with rainbow tinted darkness radiating from the inside of it.. As I said, very little colour, it's mostly blackness within the cup but the at the tips of the blackness there is a hint of rainbow coloured light..

Sons in this deck are Knights in more traditional tarot decks so they're about movement, change, questing and searching (think medieval knights and what they do).
Knights represent to me a level of maturity that is more mature than a child and less mature than an adult so a sort of teenage maturity..

The Knight of Cups is all emotion, he's ruled by his emotions, lead by them.. He hasn't yet managed to master them as he will when he becomes a King.. When I see the Knight of Cups I think of a romantic, moody teenager, an 'emo kid' ;) - I'm living with one right now (my daughter)..
This is someone who is up one minute and can be ridiculously happy and silly then so low the next.. This person is often (not always) looking for love and has a very romanticised view of love and of relationships... This person can be a bit of a drama queen; something bad happens and it's the worst thing in the world that they will never get over and similarly, if something good happens, they are ecstaticly happy...
I've found that one of the main features of this type of personality or this type of behaviour is instability and that's what I think the darkness in the cup, tinged with the beautiful rainbow colours shows - this is someone who is prone to darkness but who is also capable of being bathed in rainbow light..

I love the way there is movement in these Court Cards.. He's heading towards the next card on the right but he's not rushing there as a Knight of Swords or Wands would do and he's not as slow as a Knight of Pentacles.. He's unhurried and quite laid back about it but he is moving...


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Wonderful interpretation, Sulis! This swan's face looks intent and intense to me, and yet, as you noted, he's also laid back. This son/knight is brooding, dreaming, and moody, perhaps. Maybe even given to emotional flare-ups or creativity bursts (as noted by the multicolored sparklers emanating from the darkness inside the cup). It's interesting that he's facing right and, as you mentioned, Sulis, moving but not rushing toward what's ahead. The background of lines form an upward movement, but the swan is "going against the grain," indicating that he might be demonstrating rebelliousness, trying to gain independence, demonstrating his uniqueness, and wanting to go his own way (as teenagers and young men are wont to do).


Another thought - that the creativity of this person often comes from the darkness... I think many very creative people are also troubled people and people who lean towards having addictive personalities or maybe they just like to experiment with expanding their consciousness in pursuit of their creative goals...

Pixna, I love your observation that he's 'going against the grain' - to me that fits really well with this sort of personality type.


Oh yes -- creativity coming from a place of darkness. That's such a valuable point, Sulis -- as is what you said about addictive personalities and creative people experimenting with expanding their consciousness in pursuit of their creative goals. Hmm -- your comments make me wonder exactly what kind of brew is in that cup! ;)