The Wild Unknown Tarot - The Chariot VII


A white horse fills the card. He looks as if he is galloping towards us, his mane is flying behind him which gives the impression that he's going fast or is he standing still but standing in a head wind? Behind him is a small, white disk that looks like the sun with lots of rays emanating from it, on his forehead is a dark crescent moon and around his neck on a chain is a pentacle (a pentagram within a circle).. The corners of the card are red and that's the only colour that there is.

I think this is such a powerful image.. He looks like a wild stallion, pure power and beauty.. His features are very delicate but there is nothing fragile about this image at all.
The pentacle is a sign or protection as well as the symbol for the element of Earth in tarot.. Outside of tarot it's a magical symbol, symbolising The Universe; 4 elements, ruled over by the fifth element, Spirit and encircled and joined together by the invisible forces of The Universe... Heavy stuff ;).
7 is a magical number - it's associated with going deeper, initiation, and problem solving.. 7 days in a week, 7 colours in a rainbow so 7 colours to make up light, 7 chakras...
The Chariot comes after The Lovers so it's about striking out on your own, leaving childhood behind and going in search of new and wonderful things.
It's a card of bravery and of getting things under control so that you can do what you want to do.. Often for me it's about getting opposing emotions under control.. It's also about protection - a chariot is a war vehicle, something to charge in and something that will protect you from an enemy's assault.

This card often says to me that will power and strength are needed to get me or my querant through something.. It says that there will be problems along the way (bumps in the road) but I will be able to overcome them if I use self control and remain in control of things.

The red corners of this image really stand out for me.. Not sure what they mean exactly but they seem to add emphasis and power to this image.


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Great thoughts Sulis.
I love this card. I love horses (would love to see a 'horse' type tarot) - he has got his ears back which would indicate that he is listening to something behind him or at least aware of something behind him - any thoughts on that as regards meaning?
I'm used to seeing 2 horses on the Chariot card and understanding that one needs to get ones thoughts, emotions (horses) under control and pulling in the same direction. This horse has no bridle - he is doing his own thing - no rider. Is this about taking charge yourself, not depending on anyone else perhaps?
This is the only card in the deck with red corners - I do wonder about the meaning of this

Water Lady

this is not the horses pulling, this is me, listening for my intuition to direct me as I charge forward, I am moving fast so I can not make a mistake....the sun directs it rays on me for power as do the red corners.
the chariot card is about strong will, achievement, triumph and with the energy I see it is in the to speak.


The Wild Unknown Chariot is a horse, her mane blowing freely in the wind. She faces us head on, as though unafraid to deal with anything – problems, joy and conflict – directly. She doesn’t shy away from life! She has mastery over the way she presents herself to the world.

The card is black and white, with the exception of the red corners. The red here is bolder, unlike some of the more watered down colors we’ve seen in earlier cards. The use of color here is more commanding. The positioning of the color in the four corners gives a sense of stability.

The body of the horse becomes less and less detailed towards the bottom of the card. This shows that The Chariot can channel external as well as internal energy and direct it through her own determination.

I like to think of the Major Arcana as three sets of seven cards (with the addition of the Fool). In this view, the Chariot is the last card in the first row. In some ways, this card reminds me of a young adult, someone who has certainly matured but may have a narrow view of their overall growth. This Chariot wears a chain around her neck, adorned by a single pentacle. To me, this symbolizes the mastery she has gained so far.

On her forehead is a black crescent moon. Above the horse, we see the now-familiar theme of rays emanating from a singular point. This time the origin of the rays is a round, white orb – possibly the sun.

The emanating rays in the Chariot are black and white. The monochrome coloring the card a sense of seriousness. The Chariot knows how to overcome adversity, maximize will-power and succeed against all odds.