The Wild Unknown Tarot - VI Wands


Oh my, this is another of the cards that I'd list as among my favourites in this deck...
At the bottom of the card is a tangle of sticks or wands. They are upward pointing and surrounded by darkness - to me they look quite threatening. The top half of the card is pure, brilliant white and in that white, flying upwards is a blue / green butterfly - absolutely beautiful in it's simplicity...
It looks as if it's escaped from the tangle of branches that would have ripped it to shreds.

So, since 6s relate to The Lovers, this card is about making the choices that take us away from the difficulties of the 5s towards a more balanced and harmonious place. Wands to me are about actions so this is the actions we take to get to a more balanced place. This card for me is often about making achievable goals and about taking things one step at a time to get to where we want to be... The butterfly must have had to be careful or it's wings would have been ripped so that goes well for me with that interpretation...

Because it's linked to The Lovers, it's also about getting out there and having relationships with others and now the butterfly is free to do that. It's also about vulnerability and trust... When you tell someone you love them, you make yourself vulnerable and the butterfly also reminds me of that.

This, for me, is a card of hope, of release from danger and of feeling good to be free of things that were holding us back..


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This card reminds me of the movie The Road.
The scene where the little boy moves something in a pile of junk on the street and a little white moth flies out...the first sign of life after a dark, horrible time on earth.
It reminds me that life always finds a way....that we can rise above the odds.
It is a different concept of victory...we don't see the adulation...and cheers, we just see a quiet yet beautiful rise from the struggle to freedom.
We can look back at where we have been, but better yet we can look ahead at where we can fly.
It is such a beautiful card.


It's really a lovely card; so simple, yet says so much! I can see what you're both describing about the butterfly successfully making it out of the scrub. She seems so fresh & newly born to me. She must have struggled for a while to get out of her cocoon but now she is free!


Bullet Point Summary from the Guidebook

keywords victory, success, rising up

*new life taking flight
*enjoying success
*card of victory, rising up against odds
*persistent obstacles are over, no need to look back

"where will you go with your new set of wings?" ~Kim Krans


I think the Butterfly in this card is a Turquoise colour for me which is a mix of blue and green. I am into colour therapy and it's properties and decided to research into this a little bit. The Butterfly is a new direction, victory of a transformation in some way and that's interesting because Turquoise is a mix of Blue and Green. Blue is calming, nurturing and peace, it represents the Throat Chakra. Green is also calming and also represents growth, health and healing and is the Heart Chakra. Perhaps Blue is more deep inner peace and relaxation and Green is more cleansing and healing. Now Turquoise bridges those two colours and represents communications. It is the link between the Heart and the Throat. You can find the ability to speak from the heart. It's not a true Chakra but some people call it the "Higher Heart" going back to the Lovers card. Interestingly the Lovers background colours match this card.

I find Turquoise very calming and relaxing, like those beautiful blues in the sea in some places in the world.

I like the idea of the Butterfly avoiding those sharp branches like Sulis said. But another idea about it.... this year I visited a Butterfly house and they have those sticks for the Chrysalis to hang off on the ground, they hatch and then sit on the top of the sticks! Of course they could fall and their wings have to dry off to fly away, it's dangerous but I think it also represents rebirth and transformation which Butterflies always are a symbol for me. They hatch from their pupa near the ground, find their strength and new wings and then soar into the air. They ascend as they develop. As well as the Lovers, this card is related in artwork to the 2 of Pentacles which has a black and white Butterfly to represent change as well and the 8 of Swords where the Chrysalis hangs off a sword and cannot open because it's too dangerous with the Swords around. This card is the opposite of the 8 of Swords artwork.

I see this card as almost a Phoenix! You have been victorious because you have now transformed and been reborn and time to fly away in your new life direction :)


I see this card as almost a Phoenix! You have been victorious because you have now transformed and been reborn and time to fly away in your new life direction :)

Yes! This is how I see the butterfly in this card as well. I also appreciate your insights regarding the turquoise color and how it relates to the chakras -- thank you!