The Wild Unknown Tarot - VIII Pentacles


There's no colour in this card until you look very closely and notice that there is a tiny rainbow coloured border around the whole image and each coin or pentacle also has a tiny bit of colour bordering it.
The image is a beautiful one, and from this deck, I'd expect nothing else ;).
A spider sits in the centre of her web and down each side of the card are 8 pentacles or coins, perfectly balanced; 4 on each side.

8s to me, relate to Justice. They are cards of balance; Universal balance and speak of cause and effect and harvest. These cards are the cards that show the results of our previous actions. They say that what we get out of something will be equal to what we put in - they are balanced or show movement or stillness to achieve that balance.

The number 8 itself is a lemniscate turned on it's side. It shows continuous movement and balance around a central point.. Infinite and without end.

So, I can obviously also see the RWS influence of this card - the spider has worked hard on this web, she has paid attention to the repetitiveness of her task and to the tiny details and she has ended up with something of great beauty but mainly with something that has a use and is good at what it was designed for. She has created something that works for her - the perfect trap.

She also sits, balanced, right in the centre of the web and the coins on either side are in perfect balance too...

Going along with those interpretations, I can also see that the 8 is a card of decisions, weighing up the physical and material aspects of a situation to get an answer and a desired outcome.


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This is one of those cards that never really captured me in other decks but really spoke to me in the Wild Unknown.

For me this card signals creativity, intent, immersion, and focus. It symbolizes a skilled process controlled and inspired by instincts to perpetually create and achieve mastery and control not only over our process, but also our environment.

This creativity is essential and authentic. A web is organic to the spider--it is manifested from its body. It creates this web to sustain itself, to catch its next meal. I relate this to a creative process that is deeply personal. It not only nourishes our spirit, but also has the practical potential to be a source of income. This is us in our "natural habitat" where we feel confident and in our element.

On the more spiritual side, I see this as ritual and meditation.


Love both of the posts...not much to add except that one of the meaning for this card for me that has come out over time is someone who works with or on computers.
And I was so tickled to see this web as it re-enforced the World Wide Web side of this card for me.

And also my view of it as a card that talks about perfecting something by doing it over and over...
Practice makes perfect.
So many times I have watched garden spiders repair their webs back to there pristine pre-broken state.
It really is a work of art and one of natures most beautiful things.


8 of Pentacles

Another beautiful card, one of my favourites, I love webs..... Spiders are the most fascinating creatures, and their craft, so magickal. All is calm, the spider is at the centre of his world in his perfect web, it is so fragile, but even if it is destroyed he has the skill to rebuild it.

I one saw a blog where someone had tried to repair a spiders web with tiny strands of thread.... the next morning they found all the strands on the ground and the web made perfect again....! I just love how nature does what nature does without man interfering. If we are who we are and do what we are supposed to all will be well in our worlds.

This spider has perfected his craft and art, he has the awards to prove it, there is only hope in his world, I see the tiny rainbows around the pentacles and the web as symbols of hope.... and reward... for hard work. he knows he can deal with what life throws at him...

Peace.... balance, harmony, knowing who you are.

Thats my take on first look!


What better symbol for the VIII of Pents than a spider! With his eight legs, innate expertise at web-crafting, supreme focus, diligence, perseverance, patience, sensibility, skill, artistry, and balance, he is the perfect representation of someone who works hard (and often in solitude) and has mastered his craft.

The hints of color around the pentacles and the border of the card seem to represent the energy and outcome of the spider's efforts. He has done the necessary work, honed his craft, and now, with the pentacles neatly ensnared in his web, he is ready to partake of his just rewards.

This is another gorgeous, ideally represented card in this amazing deck. I can almost feel the web undulating when I look at it!