The woman's book of dreams by Connie Kaplan


Has anyone heard of this book? It's the first book about dreaming I have bought. I'm just beginning this journey into charting my dreams, paying closer attention to them, and I find this book extremely helpful. What I find on these threads when I read responses to dream questions is a bit like Connie's description of what she calls a dream circle.

I'm not quite ready to join a dream circle, but she talks about these circles as being a non judgemental place where one talks about their dreams, and others give their thoughts about what they see. She talks about her dream circle experience as... 'dream work is not psychological in nature. Dream circle is not a time of dream analysis, dream interpretation, or dream dialogue. Instead, dream circle is a time of speaking dream language from an awakened dreaming body and hearing the dreams of others with awakened dreaming ears. It is a time for dreamers to hear and speak from their bellies.

I think that's cool. I also think there's nothing wrong with the other avenues above, 'dream analysis' etc. especially since I'm just learning.

So far, the dream charting is a gas. Connie has charted her dreams on a computer, and one example in the book is where she called up all journaled dreams for a year or so where she mentioned the color red, ( I was in a red car) and found that most times the moon was in Jupiter!

I'd love some feedback if anyone is familiar with this book, or has other dream book suggestions, thanks



piccolo, I've never heard of the book you have , but it sounds interesting! I've kept a dream diary forever. I write them all down. It's interesting to sit down and read all the dreams I've recorded for the last year, or two. It's like a story from your subconscious. Can be more interesting than a regular diary, in a different way. Stories from the dreaming consciousness.
I've bought many dream analysis books over the years! But I've given many of them away too. Some of them just say that so and so means "a good portent" or something like that. The two I have and like best now are "Night Symbols, 11,000 Dreams " by R.M. Soccolich , and "Cloud Nine, a dreamer's dictionary" by Sandra A thomson.
Let us know how your dream work is going!