The WorldTree Tarot (mine, all mine...)


One more Tarot deck, right? RIGHT! This one came wandering up into consciousness a couple of years ago, and I decided to see what I could do using the graphics packages I had at the time. After long, arduous hours (well, of course it was an incredible amount of fun, too), I got something I thought did pretty well, and now it's on my site.

I'd be interested in any comments, especially on how to get publishers interested. Considering the sheer number of good decks available (and I'm finding more as I wander), I suspect that actually getting someone to want to pay me to publish it is going to take mucho effort. If I can't, I'll probably self publish anyway, but first we try the commercial route.

The site has only a few sample full color cards - the readings are done with greyscale cards to try to hold down bandwidth and expense, but the greyscale images came through amazingly well, I think.


Wow..Take a look..and then another


The deck is beautiful.. I wish you luck with it...




I, too, wish you great success with your lovely deck. :)



Ten of cups is my favourite. This is such a positive, lovely card! Wishing you all the best with the deck! :)