The Wyrd of Sarah Howard


I am rubbing my finger tips together. Heat is being generated. The creative itch sends adrenaline surging though my heart.

I have a new deck idea on the tip of my tongue. It is but, an Ace of Wands, the 2, hard on it's heels.

My question is now a simple one. This will be an oracle, but not a Lenny, where will I post it's progress?


Gabi! That is so exciting! i LOVE your art so much, and your Bonefire
remains one of my top favorite decks of all time! :love:

Re: your question about where to post. That is a good question. i actually don't think there is a separate Oracle Creation least i am not aware of one. There is the Tarot Creation thread, and now we have the Lenormand Creation thread...but i can't seem to find an Oracle Creation thread...

ETA: i would suggest asking Glass Owl, Aulruna, or Flaxen-- the mods of the Oracle threads. Perhaps they could start an Oracle Creation Thread,since there doesn't seem to be one...


I hope it's here. There should be "one stop shopping" for these things!


When Waleswoman and I created the Pictish Oracle, the mods gave us the okay to post about it here (it was made of wooden tiles), so I'm guessing since it's not a Lenormand it would be alright. You might pm Alta and ask to make sure. :) Eager to see what you're up to!


Any oracle, except Lenormands (which now have their own section) can be done here.


oooohhh, can't wait to watch this one unfold too.......


In a very short while, I shall engage the services of my inner editor, but as that is yet to occur, may I present,

The Wyrd of Sarah Howard.

Sarah sits,
Sarah sews.
Room gloomy, yet elegant.
Sarah, resigned,
Youthful, appearance all refined.

Great pendulous clock,
Metronomous time-marking contraption,
Endlessly plods the slow morning.
No more tea, thank you.
That will be all.
Husband hunting.
A fox is not food.

I see you Sarah,
Alone and accomplished.
I see you Sarah with our wooden eyes.
We put down your sewing,
Our vision is wasting.
May I turn us around?
Have you look at the painting,
The one with the water,
A sun soaked fancy.
We are in the picture Sarah,
You and I together.
I painted us present, yet past and future.
We have only this moment, you and me, Sarah.
My wooden-eyes, today, for you.
Behind you Sarah;
Polished globes,
Ring-aged and learned.
Rolling path correctors,
Soul inspectors,
Vigilant soldiers, vanguarders versus subconscious subversion.
perspective, purpose extracting reporters.

I stand on the edge, you an inch or two safer,
Our heirloom eyes hewn from survival forest,
Elementally dignified by tide and time.
To the lake then Sarah,
I'll see you next Tuesday

- we'll luncheon on quince and extra strong mints.
And hand in hand on the edge of the sand,
We'll bake in the sunlight at noon at noon,
We'll bake in the sunlight at noon.

( Thank you and sorry to Edward Lear and appreciators of HIS fine work.)


In the words of the immortal Alice, "Curiouser and curiouser!"


First images from The Wyrd of Sarah Howard

I started painting the deck just over a week ago.

Time to put up a few images.

I am going to work very swiftly on this deck. There will be plenty of cards, I have rough sketches for 70 and no real system.

The deck is inspired by a past-life, incite? I encountered whilst in the full flow of making Bonefire. It mainly depicts the inspiration and guidance I was lucky to receive when making my tarot and from where and how I was able to unblock and rediscover my own creativity.

As such this deck is very personal, it is something I want to make and make with a sense of urgency.

The cards are sometimes quirky, sometimes mysterious and often repetitious, as I return again and again to my Beloved, Wallis Lake, Geronda, the Lake Spirit (I named her) and of course to Sarah, who I met on her shores.

The deck hopes to visit themes of the Evolution of the Soul, continuity, custodianship and the healing of old wounds.....
......Pretty grandiose for a little poker sized oracle, Huh?


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Wow, those are lovely! Please do keep working on this oracle! :thumbsup: (Now I see the connection to the poem you posted earlier :)).