The Wyrd of Sarah Howard


Not the best news on that one.
Currently painting walls full-time, to make up for year and a half off painting Bonefire, when I was at least partially, a kept woman.
Not great timing for TWOSH as we were in full flow, but the job is surprisingly good and round here, paid work is rather scarce for a woman past 40.
It has been quite a test actually. I used to be a decorator in my twenties, before kids. I loved it and frankly never thought I would get that kind of work again. The offer came out of the blue and I could not say no to the chance to really contribute to the family kitty.
However, it is shredding me. Time and energy for art is reduced to a pea. The work is fine and has made me physically strong and brave, but my Boss is at best a mentally-inconsistent clown and at worst a boorish tyrant. Everything I do is wrong and everything I say, ridiculous and 'typically female'.
As you can imagine; we have so much in common.
....So, if I am to manage my commissions and Bonefire commitments and not murder my Boss, poor Sarah has to wait.
Something will give in the next few months, not sure how though, so for now I have to go with the flow.

Probably not a great update, but there it is.
Thanks for asking though.


Sarah will be there when you are ready again. She and us will wait. Having the finances is generally a fairly essential thing so I absolutely understand.

Would ear-plugs and an ipod help against the boss?


Up and At Em!

Yep, it has finally happened. I have cranked up the old engine and Sarah is once again underway.
My Emperor reversed Boss has gone fishing! leaving me free and willing to paint.
In the past week I have four new cards.
Here in Aus, today is the first day of Spring and along with 800 other artists I have signed up for the September, Thirty paintings in Thirty Days challenge. With a view to painting a Sarah oracle card a day.
My progress will be mostly posted on Instagram @Gabi_Angus_Art, (is that okay Alta?), But I will also post here every couple of days. I have to keep the time spent online to a minimum or there will be no paintings!
So off I go!


YAY! (wipes away a tear of joy)...


New card!

So, I started the 30 paintings in 30 days today and managed to finish a card. If you would like a peek, it here it is. It is cropped for instagram, but you'll get the idea.
This card is called. "A single cord of truth binds me to you."


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Day 2 of a card a day!

Yep i have made it all the way to the end of day 2 and still not even missed one card!
Such tenacity...go me.
Todays card is something of an oddity. It is Sarah's own, "Happy Squirrel" card.
As we have absolutely no squirrels in Aus, and this is a local deck, I am proud to introduce you to ........the "Beard of Fish" card.
My family and I were paddling in the lake and a shoal of tiny fish were much interested in our feet. For our amusement they formed the shape of a fantastic bushy beard. To honor their efforts , i have made them a card.


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Babalon Jones

How delightfully random! And I love the colors and shapes in the card.

One of these days I need to start a painting-a-day project too. I still have all the minors of my deck to paint in color. I haven't started yet as life has been so suck-a-thon lately.

Looking forward to lurking around and seeing more of your progress. You go!


I love your art.
When will be this a deck ready to come to us?


HelloDaphne! You know i haven't really given it any thought.
I just know it will be a small poker size deck with few bells whistles. I might POD this one, as it is unlikely to have broad appeal. I will think about and see how September goes.

Hey Babalon, yep you do have a lot on your plate. Seems like we are always trying to get things finished huh? An unexpected bit of time off work was not to be squandered. Do you ever wish each of these projects could just be a bit smaller? I recieved your decks and I am bowled over. There will be learning and research for me there, but that has never put me off. Everything you have made is mindblowing. Well done and for goodness take a rest!
After i got the submission in to Schiffer, i spent every evening slumped in a chair and stared into space for a couple of weeks. Vacuous and tired.

RMFarron, i hope your tears to do turn to sorrow as the new cards emerge! X


YAY! (wipes away a tear of joy)...

Me too, actually a flood of happy tears! :love: Gabi, i can't begin to express
how happy i am to see you working on this project again... It gives me hope....
And i want actual cards to hold and love and shuffle...
not an app...i don't do apps. ;)