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Off again

Well, thank you to MoonGypsy, for her ever so delicate kick in the pants. I have two new ones to post.


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    A sudden lack 001.jpg
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Wow, Gabi! :love: These are so expressive! :thumbsup:

i want to make them a nice cuppa and give them a big hug! :heart:


***sigh***every day I log in and race to this forum to see what is new in Sarah's Wyrd. And I'm always delighted and overwhelmed by Gabi's wonderful world. I've bookmarked several of them just so I can revisit them when I'm feeling particularly one way or another. The tarot world was blessed first with the Bonefire and now with TWSH. I find these world's to be a marvelous cant to the world of the ordinary in which I seem to be required to spend much of my time. Reminds me of what brought me to Tarot in the first place.

Oddly enough, I have frequently looked at the latest images here in this thread and found my day so clearly depicted. Today is one of those days - A Sudden Lack of Confidence says it exactly.

Well done, Gabi. Well done, indeed.


This is an awesome project!!!

As for titles, I recommend that you leave the phrases as hand painted, with no typed labels at all. The phrases are very evocative, and shortening them doesn't quite do your work justice.

As for lenormand ... different deck, please! Lenormand is a fairly strict system that is in stark contrast to your loose, intuitive intent on this deck.

Love this, and hope you'll let Fool's Dog do this as an app so i can benefit from the bright, larger images on my iPad! :)


Oh my lord! Another gottahaveit!! When will this be finished, Gabi? It's the perfect compliment to the Bonefire Tarot. I finally found this thread. I'm definitely going to get this when it comes out. I save empty drinking water bottles to recycle because there's a 5 cent refund. That's gonna be my Sarah Wyrd dream bank. :D


Wow! Great responses Guys; well for this painter anyway.
GryffinSong , you make an excellent point about the Lenormand, the idea had me head-scratching in a way the deck does not, perhaps my left brain's, struggle to get a grip on a project which came straight from the right, is causing me to get a bit itchy.

This next card is a little obscure without a little back-story;
The Crystals are placed in moving water. I used this quite a few times in Bonefire, but never the main subject for the card.
When making the deck I became interested in a lady known as "Little Grandmother". Now, I am a fence-sitter and her views have not become my own, but I particularly liked her thoughts on crystals, and her efforts to return them to the earth, from whom their absence is greatly morned. I could see this might be the case.
The story continues; When I moved to this house, there were large, lumpy clusters of quartz left in various places around the property. I left them where they were, feeling a bit superstitious. After I heard Little Grandmother talk and weep on this subject. I decided to take them the peaceful shores of the lake, thus returning them. So off I went, I was alone so i had the chance to make a bit of a meal of placing them in the warm waters.
That night I worried a bit and thought of them sitting in the sand, sinking further and by the morning, back I went and yes, I admit i found them, looking clean, shiny and dare I say recharged. I still have them, safely back in their corners. Proving once again I have along way to go.
That is the story. A struggle to keep on the right path.
The card itself speaks of relative values, the best use of natural resources and custodianship verses ownership, but more too.
Here is the card.


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    One day I will return you 001.jpg
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Stunning card! Interestingly, on this card i feel that "One day I will return you" is enough, without the addition of the second phrase. I think your card is quite beautiful, and that many users will "get it" even without the back story.


Put a bird on it.

Rainbow Lorikeets- cheeky little chirpers.


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    They are eating from my hands 001.jpg
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Autumn Spice

I love the bright colors in your cards. Gorgeous!


Thank you very much Autumn Spice.

Today, I was too busy with day-job work, so no new images, but I did do some work on the lorikeet picture from yesterday.
Scanning and posting the cards gives me a chance to look at them on a laptop and an ipod and they always look so different from the original art and from each other. The screens seem to over emphasize certain things and really change the colours. The balance is often thrown way off. I currently have no photoshop or similar so I have to make the adjustments to the painting.
I have rescanned the image. It is better now, but still a tad trouble-some.

--Yep, just uploaded it and checked, it is better.


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    they are eating from my hands 2 001.jpg
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