the Zero Card - Guide

Faerie Lin

What did you all draw on your zero card? I was actually at a lost on what to draw on it, but I drew an anime style eye with a pentacle reflecting in it, and also pentacles at each corner of the card.



Faerie Lin,

I haven't drawn anything on my zero card yet. I'm a bit scared to since I'm not good at drawing.



oh! i havent done this yet...huff. ive just been worried about doing it wrong. i think tonight i might start some preperation sketches.

i would want to do mine in charcoal, i work so much better in charcoal, but i dont have any of the stuff that sets it, so itd go everywhere :-(


Ya know, Hush, normal hairspray works very well to set charcoal and pastel.


I'm with you Jimilyn! I haven't done anything yet as I'm afraid I'd screw it up. :)
I will do something sooner or later though!! I'd really like to do it right though. :)


I think what my biggest problem is I haven't met my personal faery yet. So how do I know what to draw?


I haven't met my faery yet, either, faunabay. Maybe mine will look like a stick figure so that I can draw it easily...LOL...just kidding. :p But I do worry about doing it right.

Hush, maybe I should start just doing some faery drawing...I've not ever done that. Maybe that's how I'd find which faery is supposed to go on that card. Dunno, but worth a try.



I've done it. Took me two attempts to meet my faery, mainly because I expected one thing and got another. He's a real cutie. I was going to just draw a simple symbol because I can't draw for nuts but he insisted I drew him. My 3 yr old grandaughter thinks its great - she thinks I'm a fantastic artist.

Don't we lay too greater expectations on ourselves??

My faery says he's proud of me so who am I to argue.

Don't hold back from doing this because since he joined his friends those cards have come alive - not that they weren't before but the difference is noticeable.

Faery Hugs



mooncat, I think your story encourages me to give it a go. However, I'll probably wait two more weeks until school is out. I stayed so late working in the classroom...and forgot my chiropractor appointment!!! Yikes! There's just so much paperwork at the end of the year.

But you are right about putting high expectations on ourselves. I need to just relax and let it flow. :)



I use mine as a bookmark. No image. I'm afraid of what might come out.