the Zero Card - Guide


hmm. i done some sketches, brief and sketchy.

i got the images of two small and mischevious, with an acorn for a hat. he's frowning at the idea of being sketched onto an image.

the other is of a female faery, beautiful with big long eyes. thats all i got from her though...

ill be continuing trying out contacting them :)


Drawing!!!! ~Shudders....~

I figured I would resurrect this thread, rather than starting a new one, to express my experience last night with coming to grips with my faerie guide. So I am hopeful that some of you will find this piece tagged onto the end of this thread.

My Faery Guide has remained a blank white for quite a while now because of some of the fears that I see others on this thread coming across: fear of not doing it right, fear that I am a lousy artist, fear that it will trash the beauty of Froud's deck to put this in with his transcendent work.

Well, last night, with a rare evening to myself without matters pressing on me. I took my set of colored pencils that I bought with my B.O.T.A. tarot deck and decided to set to work drawing my guide. I decided to get some faery help, so I shuffled the deck, set out my blue box reading table and cut the deck onto the four corners of the table, putting my blank guide in its center. The four helpers I drew were: in the northwest corner, Penelope Dreamweaver; in the northeast corner, Laiste, Moon's Daughter; in the southwest corner, The Bodacious Bodach; and in the southeast corner, Mickle a` Muckle. With the four faeries in place, I tried to stop thinking, listened to the water trickles and the wind chimes in my zen corner, and chose pencils and began drawing, hair brush strokes as my hands would guide me, looking at different faeries and seeing an aspect, a color, to make a choice... the grey blue tone of Bodach, the orange tinges on the edges of Penelope, a terri cotta from Mickle. My shapes were undefined and purely by whim. And as I drew, I started pondering what the faeries were telling me... the dream weaver, moon's daughter.. night and abstract dream.. bodacious.. something deeply sensual, which goes with the moon and dreams, mickle.. something a little stupidly goofy..lunatic..mooon.. seeing connections and just drawing shapes and mixing colors.

If this were a story I wrote, perhaps the end card would be this amazing art drawn from deep in my it stands now, it is just a sense of swirls.. but if a brilliant amazing faerie does not come out of this, at least I know, when I draw it in a reading, the colors and swirls will draw forth all these feelings, and even this post, when I read, and I will get just as deep a meaning as I get with any of the other cards. Perhaps that is my guide's message. Non perfection at surface, but deep colored understanding that doesn't make surface beauty.

I guess I post this to assure you all who hesitate or practice to make sure that you get it right on your only chance, this one card, that you must at some point throw away those reservations, pick a few faeries to guide you to your guide, and do it. Even if it is not art comparable to Froud's, it is art from deep in your spirit. No matter how aesthetically pleasing it is not, it is deeply evocative in your eyes.



Tnx for the tip Kathruman, but I'm still scared... :S
Time to have a good chat with the Faeries ;)


Hi all, I read the front part of the book, and it said you *had* to draw your faery guide, no matter how bad you were at drawing. Lucky I had not seen this thread then lol!! :)
So, I thought, and a slender youth holding a key appeared and he said his name was "Love Disguised". So I drew him as best I could and added him to the deck. Well, what can I say? I cannot draw, and that's for sure, but I know who he is. He laughs a lot.


Great job Khatruman!

I still haven't drawn my Guide card, I just don't even feel the need to yet. Partially, I know I want it to come out "right" (that same old thing, like you mentioned). But I also feel I haven't met that Guide yet either.

But, what I found most inspirational about your tale was the fact that this Guide made you realize that the magick isn't on the card's surface, it's inside you and part of you. You will evoke that card's "meaning" each time it appears, of that I'm sure. And what better result can one expect :D???



Well now that I have painted a Tarot card I am ready to do my Faerie Guide. She is ofcourse a mermaid *LOL*. I plan to paint her in acrylics on a canvas, mail her Truthsayer for scanning, and then seeing if someone can reduce her to size and crop her for me (to fit in the borders of the Faeries Oracle card), e-mail her to me ... and then take her to Kinko's or somewhere to have her copied onto the card ... wonder if that would work? I would love to know if any of you with any knowledge in this area to share your opinion with me. In theory it sounds real good, and it seems real doable, but if it is not then I need another plan. Thoughts anyone?


Zero Card

I haven't drawn mine yet either. Is it bad to have someone who CAN draw just go from what you know like how they do those police drawings LOL....ummm not that I want a criminal vibe for my card, I just need a faery profiler or something. ;->


I know this is an old thread but I think the Faery Guide card is the most powerful in the deck (for me). I was like everyone else...not wanting to put something on the card because I am not artistic at all....then a series of incidents occurred....first I worte a blog post on a blog of mine...about the journey though life....weathering bad times and how some parts of our life are like butterflies gliding through the sky on a sunny day and how some parts are turbulent and if you hold on you can come out into the sunshine again...hmmm maybe never get back the whole butterfly feeling but instead you could be a dragonfly...I have no idea where it came from it was just there in my head...Be a dragonfly.....Then later when I was talking about tattoos...I had been wanting another one for a while (I have a faery) I said..."oh I know what I want...a dragonfly"...then later it just popped into my head..."oh my faery guide is a dragonfly or like a dragonfly"'s funny when I looked up the meanings of dragonflies that there were many references to the faeries and to transformation and change...but my favorite is..."A dragonfly is a link to the past, a promise for the future, & a reminder of the magic of the moment."
So with a little help I drew my faery guide....a dragonfly...or if you squint your eyes...its sort of like a faery!!


My Faery Guide is still blank too :( First i somehow came up with an image of a merchild and i'd shuffle the Zero Card with others - in case the blank card showed up - i'd pull out the drawing of the merchild and pretend it was right there on the card! :D I don't want to draw my Faery Guide as i'd simply stop using it in readings. Full stop. :D Recently i found another image that totally resonated with me, i've saved it on usb and i am going to take it to a professional to print it on the blank card for me. ;)
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(Since its for personal use exclusively i think it doesn't really matter whether the image is copyrighted.)


That is a lovely image....mine is a simple sketch of a dragonfly...but it works!!