the Zero Card - Guide


DragonFae said:
That is a lovely image....mine is a simple sketch of a dragonfly...but it works!!
I am glad you like it, DragonFae! I loved this Faery at the first sight, she looks/feels to me somehow very pure, but at the same time, magical. :)
I agree that its important that we feel connected to the Guide, it doesn't really matter whether the image is drawn or printed, elaborted or symbolical - indeed the only thing that matters that its meanigful for us. :)


moderndayruth said:
My Faery Guide is still blank too :( First i somehow came up with an image of a merchild and i'd shuffle the Zero Card with others - in case the blank card showed up - i'd pull out the drawing of the merchild and pretend it was right there on the card! :D I don't want to draw my Faery Guide as i'd simply stop using it in readings. Full stop. :D Recently i found another image that totally resonated with me, i've saved it on usb and i am going to take it to a professional to print it on the blank card for me. ;)
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(Since its for personal use exclusively i think it doesn't really matter whether the image is copyrighted.)
Gorgeous image! Let us know how it turns out and if they gave you any trouble at the printer's office. I like your idea!


Thank you, Jewel :heart: I'll post on further developments! :D


I have had my deck for years but still haven't done anything iwth this card. As apposed to the artistically fearful, I am an artist, but MY fear is choosing the right guide.
I see that I have several fae guides and they move around in my world, so I am afraid to settle on one in particular.