These two think they're Jesus and Mary reincarnated--they live in Queensland


Everything OLD is New agiain ....

That's really, REALLY scarey.

I am reminded of so many people who claim they are reincarnated and always claim to have been kings, pharoes, knights, etc. How come no one is ever a reincarnated guy who cleaned the horsesh*t out of the stables?

No one ever claims "I shovelled sh*t from King Solomon's stables!" They ARE King Solomon!


well to each his own, I suppose.

the thing I always feel is scariest about people like this (and there are MANY people who believe they are gurus or spiritual leaders of some kind or another and attempt to deify themselves) is not so much that they believe it but that other people around them come to believe them and believe in them. It becomes some sort of shared psychosis, and is how cults are born.

oh, and Tarotbear, that whole horse manure shoveling thing...that would be ME! :)


Ah, so that's where Jesus and Mary went - to a condo in Australia.

On their contact us page that they list what they are both doing now - it's all about who is a director of what (all very commercial) and nothing to do with humanity or healing. That's the biggest hint as to what this is all about - CASH! Then they talk about volunteers with the necessary humility (WHAT?) when they themselves are listing how they are Directors and Managing directors of this, that and the other. They don't understand what humility is.

Well, it didn't end well for him last time he was here, perhaps when he can't actually walk on water, raise the dead and heal the sick he might find himself on the wrong end of a sharp stick again!

Edit: if you look at the site on the Wayback machine it is clear that this was a much more sensible site only a year ago. The home page talking about James Padgett receiving messages from celestial beings and Jesus from 1914 until 1923. The About us page has a much more realistic, spiritual message. Looks like these two purchased the URL etc.



Wow...this is who I am...this is what I do...this is what we own..this is all we need to live. So they get to live a neverending vacation on donations and their business is privately owned by them so no having to share any profits. And they look young. Nice : )


oh, and Tarotbear, that whole horse manure shoveling thing...that would be ME! :)

Me too! My son dubbed me 'Mother Mucker' years ago. Very therapeutic, mucking, but not necessarily when it's zero degrees outside & the snot's freezing to your face & you have a horse's nose up your behind sniffing for a possible carrot cache in your pockets...anyway, where was I?

I was afraid to open any of their links - are they asking for money?


I always wonder about people who believe they're reincarnated; how do they come to that conclusion? The people on this site list four people who believe they're reincarnated as Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Mary (Jesus' mother and father also believe they're reincarnated?). I wish I could crawl in their brains and find out--do they TRULY believe this? Are they crazy? Have they been led to believe this via their spiritual practice? Is it malicious? How do FOUR people think they've been reincarnated? Totally fascinating.