This has gotta stop!


'Lo all,

Did'ja ever open up Aeclectic Tarot forums and feel delighted at all the open folder symbols on the left?

I find that I real every single post. Treasures are often found in posts that don't sound interesting at all.

I never go "below the line." That's those forums like Astrology, Chat, etc. Then, Solandia moved the trading section "below the line." Used to read all those, too, even though I have nothing to trade and no interest in trading.

If someone mentions a deck I haven't seen, or haven't looked at in awhile, I go to the deck reviews and look 'em up. 'Course, I always end up looking at scans and reading reviews of decks in the vicinity.

Then, when you've squeezed everything dry, did'ja ever hit the "refresh" button, and begin again?

Maybe you've been here too long if, when you started, there were 450 members, and you happen to notice that now there are 550 members.

Too much! Just one more time around, and then I'm gonna quit for the day. If you work at home, and you work when you wanna' 'cause you're your own boss, this is insidious, believe me.

"When Joy and Duty clash/Let Duty go to Smash." -- "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," Kate Douglas Wiggin, 1903


I'm a little worried that I'm going to end up 'refreshing' all day and reading each new post as it comes in, too. I'm getting a computer at home (finally) so I'll be able to get on the Internet there instead of at work. I just have this feeling that I'll have my computer on all evening and all day on my days off, hitting 'refresh' whenever I walk by the computer and pulling up any new messages it found!

You're's way too dangerous! I think I'm going to set myself a time limit and get out the kitchen timer whenever I log on. Of course, I'll probably keep turning that timer up so I can have "just a few more minutes...then I'll stop!"




You are so right Talisman! I have a little clock by my computer and now I have trained myself to select a stop time when I start reading the Forums. Addictive!


I try to go through each forum once and then try to ignore the 'new posts' thingy. Even so I can spend a couple of hours on here, sometimes just reading and not posting. Thats when it gets hectic when I haven't been here for a couple of days :) And I try to read all the new posts and catch up in one visit lol


when i try to explain my bad hair day at work i tell them "look i have two choices i can take a shower or get on the internet - i chose the internet!


Thank the gods I am not the only one who does that! Good on you for mentioning it in a post Talisman :)



You're not on your own Talisman: I constantly find myself refreshing and starting again, hoping there are new posts in a forum I read less than an hour ago.... Etc...

Oh dear.



glad I?m not the only addict here, desperatly pushing refresh to see if there should be something new.

I love it here, but my god, I?m afraid Solandia is gonna claim rental money next year hence I live here.

Major Tom

I'm guilty of checking back several times throughout the day! I'm always delighted to find something new. :)


Oh, NO!! Now it's gonna take even longer!! I didn't know about the refresh button thing.