Those Wonderful Fairies

Shadow Wolf

I clicked on the F.0. and thought about how it's been since mine came out to play.

I shuffled the deck really well and Bodacious Bodach leapt out of the deck, he was the first in this very interesting pull.

Then, I Taitin the Sylph jumped out, when I read what she had to say I found myself kissing her and thanking her over and over.
I really needed to hear what she had to say !!

Then I pulled out The Silnger of Transfiguration, and again my heart was soaring, comfirming that I am indeed on the right path !!!

Any input anyone else can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Well, gotta' go play !!!!

Now that they are out, I think I'll spend some time with them,
I could really use their quirky wisdom !!!!

Thanks for reminding me that my fairies have been cooped up for much too long !!!!!


ive had mine stored in the box they came in since the day i got them, i pulled them out a few times really hoping something great would happen with them but so far nothing! maybe u should try again