Thoth divination method



I’m reanding the divination method write at the end of the little user manual that’s present with the tarot ( for the author is the only reading system write in the thoth book) but I’ve some problems to interpretate some passeges:
- Find the significant card…it’s OK
- Mix the cards and divide them in 4 littele deck…it’s OK
- stretch the cards and take out the cards due their numerology (exemple queen count 4, princess 7, etc…) it’s OK
- I do the couples, join the nearest and the farther, but after???

How the couples fill the story of single cards? The complete divinations may be one single cards, two couples, an other single card , one couples, two single cards and the other couples? Or the story may be start with some couples?

If the method have an other name please tell me and I edit the title of thred.


It's difficult to answer your question, I lost my little booklet years and years ago. Can you tell us more about the spread?


Of course.

The method is composed by five operations. The fist haven't a name, the others are called, respectly, development of question, further development of question, penultimate aspect of the question and final result.
I do only the fist operation, I describe it:
We need choice a card that represent the Querent, after the deck must be divide in four little decks (any deck represents a letter of tetragràmmaton I H V H). Then we search the querent in the little decks and strech the cards of the right deck on the desk. Strating to querent must take out the cards, counted by querent ( for example if the querent is a queen you must count four, the fourth cards from querent is a card that take out from the strech and became a the second of the spread). You must continue to take put the cards in according to numerology ( elemental cards count 3, planetary count 9, zodical count 12, etc...). The extraction ends when you choice a cards alredy take out. This cards extract represent the story, the answer to the question.

Some cards remain in the strech and from this we must make the couples, matching the right and left cards of querent. My duoubt is related to this passages. How the couples fill the story describe above? How I must read this matching? It's a indipendent story or this must be integrated with the other sinlge cards story? If it's, how?


Sounds like the Opening of the Key spread with the pairing and counting. I never get that far with it anymore, I just find the elemental pack with the Significator and then stop, moving on to the Celtic Cross. I never had much luck turning the pairs and the counted-off series into a story either.


I tried so many different things but eventually settled into the Celtic cross. It's enough different ways of looking at a situation without being overwhelming. Tried and true!


Thanks a lot for your answers!!!

Indeed the Opening of the Key spread ( I search some information in the web and I find the method I do it's effectly that) it's very very diffucult. But I like because there aren't a fix scheme or number of cards that I must take of.

I'm not so ready to divine using Opening of the key spread so I try use Celtic cross. I not surrender: Day by day my kwoledge of tarot improves and I improve too in Opening of Key method (at least I hope).


Hi Resbis..
I do use the OOTK but for myself only, and sometimes i go through all the five operations, but I need the full day to do so.. it`s like having a chat with the deck and it is very mind-blowing most of the time.
As for the pairings I mainly use the first pair as modificators of the first card from the counting, (through Elemental Dignities) and go over the whole of the little deck like that. When the counted cards are very few and there are too many paired cards I go with my instinct, but I always try to end up with groups of three cards.
I wish this is helpful and don't give up on the OOTK!


Hi Beira
thanks a lot for your answer, I'm sorry write you so later but in the last period I had a lot of problem.
So you use the couples like modificator of the single card extract?
In my lat readings I used like elemental modificator the neighboring cards, that helps me to interpretate them.
But the next time I will try to use your helpful tips.