Thoth Sexual Alchemy


This was just posted to Lon Milo Duquette's facebook. Enjoy!

I am going to see about having a movie night in Thelesis Lodge in Philadelphia, if anyone is near there. Not sure when, though...


Thanks BCS, I wonder if this is something new, or just some marketing surrounding things already published....?


Looks interesting, though from a marketing point of view I am surprised that he chose to make the cover look almost identical to "Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot". I did a double take, might lose him sales if folks thing they already have a book with a quick glance.

Babalon Jones

Wow I really want this - but is it really $149 for one book???

Babalon Jones

Oh it is not a book, but 4 DVDs. hmmmm. Want!

Babalon Jones

I also see he will be giving a talk on his own deck in NYC March 12th. Also wnat - to go! I'm only several hours away...*thinking seriously 'bout it*


I know Lon fairly well, and studied with his Teacher and A.'.A.'. mentor before she passed. He is awesome and fun, and ever so humble about making the forbidden approachable, heh. I watch him mostly for pointers on how to present, as crowds tend to really appreciate his anecdotal manner of instruction. I got the total set of all these DVDs, 250. meh, I am a completionist. That is three DVDs on the Thoth Deck, five on the Great Work series, and 3 free gifts. 22 bucks and change each for the whole pack.

Babalon Jones, I might be having a full viewing of all of of these DVD's in or around Philadelphia PA at Thelesis Lodge O.T.O. where I am a full time member and give presentations on a variety of subjects. I need to talk to publisher to make sure it is ok for a public viewing at a non-profit event, out of respect for his work. If not, we will just pile into someone's house to watch it. If you or anyone else want to know more about this, pm me. Me and my fiancee are getting this as an early wedding gift, (from me).

I will also be teaching a class on Rider Waite Smith tarot in relation to Thelema, and the O.T.O. and E.G.C. rites. It is highly personal interpretation, but I feel is applicable by others, and has as much research as skepticism. For me, it is more important to use what works, that to just study for some objective history. Speculation is critical to the proper of measure of enthusiam and skepticism spoken about in "The Soldier and the Hunchback."

I went 12 hours+ to Chicago to see his workshop on Tarot of Ceremonial Magic. It was totally worth it because of how much my fiancee to be learned. Yup; totally driving in a white-out. I have had this deck for more than a decade and recommend it highly if for nothing but flashcards for everything in 777 and a few other things. I tend to not use as much G.D. Enochian formua as go straight to Dee's work, but it is consistent with G.D. work and Crowely's Liber Chanokh. And that is what most people want explained to them.

I just gave one of these decks to a friend who doesn't "get" the Thoth deck and dismissed Tarot in general, and in two days, he started to actually get it, sort of. well, he's on his way, at least. It is highly compatible for introductory Thoth Deck studies, and I hope these DVD's get a bit more explicit in some things that are not openly published or discussed.

Babalon Jones

hi brightcrazy star! I love Lon's sense of humor, he seems very personable. I think I will go to his talk in March, I can get to New York. Philadelphia is a bit of a journey for me, being in Massachusetts. Though I'd love to see the videos.

I actually ordered the Thoth ones yesterday - just had to! Then I saw the Great Work ones, and now I want them too lol! But first I have to take my car to the shop (praying it is not a blown head gasket!)

Tip though for anyone else ordering. I got $40 off with a code TUBE found online. It was what *allowed* me to go ahead and get them, otherwise I may have convinced myself they were too expensive.


brightcrazystar were you at the low magic workshop as well?

I would love to hear more about these DVD's



Yes, I was at both of lon's lectures at the "Dance Building". I was the guy mid length hair with longish bangs and black glasses, head stuffed in a black stocking cap, and with my fiancee to be in my company. We had driven all the way from New Jersey to go visit Chicago, and it was FANTASTIC! I was the one that bought Lon lunch at the sandwich shop, if you were there.