Thoth Sexual Alchemy

Babalon Jones

Anyone order from this company before? They say they only charge your card 24 hours before shipping, but they charged it days ago, and still no shipping confirmation. I paid for 2 day shipping thinking I'd have them by now. My order status still reads "processing", they do not respond to email, and the phone number on the website is for a bio-tech/pharma company.

I'm getting a little worried here - and I really want the DVDs!


My order is still processing as well. It says they may need a few days, but I ordered on 23rd. I usually wait a week for confirmation of shipping. I guess I will write for more on wednesday. Failing that, I may contact Lon directly.

Babalon Jones

I tried emailing a different address, on my paypal confirmation. Turns out the responder, who was very nice, said that he will update the website as yes the contact info is all wrong, and that they have an issue "due to the nature of the content" (how mysterious) and that they anticipate it being resolved and them going out by early next week.

He said they are worth the wait - can't wait to get them!


Thanks! I was at a diner and unable to get on their site without ignoring my lady at dinner. too rude!

I am home now, and did get a confirmation email, but as I upgraded shipping, I am sorta feeling burnt on that. grr

Babalon Jones

perhaps they will refund you the difference, as it seems they are aware of the problem it has posed for those of us chomping at the bit for these :)

Babalon Jones

Just heard, they are going out today. Will be able to let you all know how they are, very soon!


I have an embarrassing confesion. I have realised I've seen this seminar already. This is the video recording of Lon's Australian seminar last year, it was recorded in Melbourne, I saw the Sydney version but I assume much the same. It's discussed in a thread here

I didn't realise they were the same thing until I saw a post on LMD's facebook yesterday.

There is unique content that is not in the book, though the majority is a walk through of the book. He was quite open about the cards and their connection to the OTO's sexual magick techniques and especially the 9th grade material. If your interest in sexual magick and the Thoth there will be a good stuff there, mostly introductory but some specifics. If you're wanting basic intro to the Thoth that is there too and is the majority, and a good companion to the book.


I finally recieved these, after an awkward (on my part) omission of my apartment number from the shipping address. I am not sure if that is all there is in my giant dvd set as I bought the huge bundle.

I have recieved the following:

Sexual Alchemy of the Thoth Tarot - Volumes I-IV
Lon Milo Uncensored from the Bay Area Tarot Symposium (59 Min)
The Science of The Secret (59 Min)
The Great Work - The Material Plane (59 min)
The Great Work - The Mental Plane (59 min)
The Great Work - The Emotional Plane (59 min)
The Great Work - The Plane of Will (59 min)
The Great Work - The Quintessence (59 min)

I didn't watch anything yet, but they look fairly impressive and are the only dvd's i currently own.


Got a legit copy of the 4-DVD Sexual Alchemy of the Thoth Tarot from my source. Gonna binge-watch these once work slows down and I can truly focus on it. And nope, my interest in them is not prurient or anything, but I'm curious how the symbolism of the cards can be re-interpreted using a different, more interesting paradigm. Can't wait!


Is there Youtube links for these DVDs? Would be very popular.