thoughts on cards


It dawned to me today that it could be interesting to hear others' associations, thoughts, feelings about FO cards. It's not about symbolism, deep-thought associations, but rather intuitive thoughts (well, the whole thing is intuitive!) that one or another card causes in you. As simple as this. So, it's more like sharing your vision (or association) of a particular card (a character drawn on card) in several words or a line. :)

At first, I intended to do this with all 65 cards, but then I thought that it would be the best if anyone can just share his vision of a card he/she chooses (well, you can certainly choose all 65! *lol*). Well, to start with, I say about...

Solus: Spiritual renewal. A face of spiritual synthesis. A Phoenix.
Indi: Soul comforter, a friend in trouble.

If you are interested, you are welcome to join!