Three Kinds of Lies


Three Kinds of Lies
by Fallen Out of Favor
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----I've decided to go through a couple of my band's songs and do some tarot spreads on them to help acquaint me with the lyrics. Let's be honest, this is also free exposure. I'm a schtickler for free exposure. Three Kinds of Lies was written by Tim, our vocalist, after the drummer (Marc) sent him the first line "How can you see when you are so blind to what others see?" and is a song based entirely off of religion, spirituality, and fighting through mixed messages. The epitome of this song is the idea that NOBODY knows what religion is right, and to force your ideas down somebody else's throat when you don't practice what you preach makes you a hypocrite. So long as you yourself know what you believe, and you act accordingly, you cannot go wrong. This spread will be an inner truth finding spread, to help you clarify what you believe, while weeding out all the white noise coming from others.

On to the spread!

Card one- How to Read
"How can you read when you are so blind to what others see?"
----It is not enough to know what you believe. First you must look at what factors are around you. What do others see? What are they trying to get you to see? Do you see it? This card is a catalyst to opening your mind.

Card two- How to See
"Your word is tainted by lies and greed, trapped and ignorant"
----Now that we're reading, let's see. You know what everyone is saying, but how do they act? Is their message a reflection of their actions, or are they being hypocrites? This helps you to analyse all of your outside noise and decide whether or not you can trust it.

Card three- The Kingdom
"I will stand at the gate of the kingdom"
----What is testing your beliefs?

Card four- Your Faith
"I will speak my faith"
----What are your beliefs?

Card five- Your Fate
"Next to the killer and the Christian, true to myself I know my fate"
----What will come of this?


---And if anyone is curious, Tim is a mix of Pagan/Christian. Everyone in the band knows and accepts the fact that I do Tarot. I actually got Tim into Oracle cards, and we do readings at practice and get-togethers quite often. No one in our band (five members) really has the exact same religion, and we're all very open minded and accepting of each other's beliefs. It's a pretty cool atmosphere when spiritual topics are brought up, since spirituality is a big deal for quite a few of us. My bandmates are the shiznitz.