Three of Swords


I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that some part of my body cringes when Robin's "Three of Swords" comes up in a reading. If upright, and depending on all the variables (querent, spread, where it falls, question, etc.), one can generally figure that some sort of pain or heartache is happening presently OR is going to occur in the future OR has already taken place. Robin wrote in her book, "This is perhaps the most obvious of all the cards in the deck." I don't think anyone would miss that this heart is pierced straight through...not once, but three times over. And one edge of one of those blades is serrated, which sends shivers up and down my spine at the thought of the suffering such a blade could inflict.

The pain and sorrow spoken of when such a card appears is no minor scrape of a wound. It's deep, possibly long-lasting and debilitating.

In Robin's book, the most poignant and interesting passage I found referring to this card is as follows: "Then she overheard the Gods talking, and the Lady said, "She broke her heart, and it never healed properly. So I had to rebreak it, so that it could heal right." Robin mentioned she's not the author of the passage and unfortunately doesn't know who is. I'm so glad she included it in her book, however, because it is, indeed, solace for those who do not understand why they are experiencing dreadful sorrow, misfortune or heartbreak. As a reader, I'll try not to forget it. As Robin said, " all these 'learning experience' cards, go gently, and listen for the little voice inside that tells you what to say."

Robin also pointed out that though it is raining and the clouds appear thick and dark, notice that at the top of the card the gloom begins to brighten. Such brightening may seem meager and inconsequential, especially when one is dragged down by heavy sorrow and pain. But a "clearing" IS there, nonetheless, and it's a ray of hope that can be offered to the querent if noticed in the reading.

Rain can be and often is healing. It has the ability to wash away sludge...even blood (especially once it's dried). For me, sometimes a walk in the rain is the best remedy for helping clear my head enough so that I can get rid of the unnecessary or WRONG situations/things/people in my life and make way for the matter how painful such decisions may be.

It's nice to know that in life one generally doesn't have to be forever in the situation the Three of Swords card depicts. Help is usually available and time often has an uncanny way of healing least eventually.