Tips on a spread



I did a stretch to know how it will go June. I'm not entirely sure of my interpretation, do you compare with me?

1Sword - 10 Disk - 5 Disk - X Fortune - 5 Sword - 0 Fool - Disk Queen

The ace at the beginning is not one of the best auspices, albeit a not so bad card. Richness is the obtaining of a degree of agility that is futile (This wealth must be spent in another or is lost). The five of the money indicates a tense situation, full of concerns but related to some inception, laziness (a great difficulty to get in motion). The wheel represents the change of state, the transition from one state to another. The five swords point to the wrong choices (feelings have the best on the intellect). Crazy may represent, in this case, a detachment from material dilemmas, a kind of rebirth (in short, I stop focusing on these issues by widening my "interests"). Finally, the queen of money, which I can not frame, indicates a situation that calls for calm, to work on oneself (and family).

In conclusion, I think I have a clash on the mental, intellectual and physical side. The outcome of this "struggle" is a futile gain and a defeat. But the remaining cards seem to tell me: ok you made the wrong choices, but you have a thousand other projects you can do, concentrate on yourself and start over again.

Do you think so?