TOADies Anonymous.


Is there no cure?!?

Nope! There isn't!

I ordered the Circo tarot (I am looking for it for some time and there is a kickstarter campaign going on right now), but I rushed here to brag about NOT ordering the Epic and the Nora's deck on kickstarter. But I am not so sure anymore. By the time I opened this thread I wasn't so convinced I won't order the Epic. So there you go. Cure? What cure?!? :)

ETA the thing is that none of us really wants a cure, isn't it?


After I get the Epic tomorrow - NO more decks!


Only bought Thoth and not planning to get more decks in next few months! Ok, I'll buy tons and tons of books... But I'm decks' clean ;)


Pre-ordered the Apokolipses deck. i love the illuminati, so i couldn't help myself.

Scarlet Woodland

Right... have been quite naughty enough for one month. So unless a certain holy grail appears I'm back on the wagon.


Since posting here IN DECMBER, that's LAST YEAR, I didn't buy anything! Well more or less. I swapped one deck (Holy Light) against another (Kitty Kahane), and ordered for my birthday one tiny teensy nearly invisible mini deck (Orbifold).

But overall, I feel so virtuous that I simply have to reward myself with...




Well not today at least.....

(Tarot books for my Kindle on the other hand... well they seem to slip in somehow... and I bought the Kobo editions of Emily Auger's Tarot in Culture, both volumes, to read on my laptop... and.... oh well.... books are impossible NOT to buy!)


After I get the Epic tomorrow - NO more decks!

oh-ho-ho!!! That thought is what make it EASY to buy new decks!!! (for me) It's always: just this (last) one! One has to stop YESTERDAY not TOMORROW! (I'm joking here, but it's also true).


Reading the posts it seems to me like we are going on a train for a while, then each of us makes a stop from time to time at some 'stations' (whenever we are tempted to buy a deck), then getting on the train again...for a while... few of us are travelling non-stop :) So the question is for how long can one 'resists' on the train without making a stop ...I say to myself: well, that doesn't depend on ME (clever right !?!) , that depends on what's on the market :) I never 'plan' on buying new decks, it JUST happens! :)


Rylla, you're so right! It's ONLY because someone in Australia was selling some fabulous, must-have decks that I HAD to buy them! Hey, the price was good, the postage is relatively cheap within Australia and there was an OOP deck that I suddenly had to have! Exceptional circumstances, entirely beyond my control :)


I got the Spirit Animal deck from the Wild Unknown and I've never spent that much on a deck nor would have guessed I ever would. Talk about an impulse buy.... :/

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