TOADies Anonymous.


I have too many decks to store properly now :(
I don't want to turn into a hoarder. :confused:


Oh yes, I'm a TOADie. Maybe I should set as a goal to get rid of all decks I plan to sell before getting anything new. I've bought so much in the past year, I should work with them first before acquiring any more new decks :/


How is this? I had bought the Inner Child cards, and sold them because I didn't like them. Now I just bought them again.....
this is mad.

I've done that more than once.... Thoth being a good example!! I think I had a copy 3 times... let's not talk about that! :p

Lots of decks leaving this TOADie's hoard. Things have changed and I am needing to sell and pass along many of my decks. I nearly bought 2 decks last week that were a seriously good deal (I won't say what because I don't want to enable anyone!!!) but left it overnight and common sense had returned by the morning!

Luna's Crone

well, i still have a few on my wish list that i really want and the rest i can wait for. I am looking for decks i feel comfortable with, holding off on my collecting part.

since yinz are doing the toadie 12 steps. has anyone heard of the dark goddess? i can't find it. i wanted to try it as a reading deck.

never mind found it (how weird) and changed my mind. must of been a different deck i was thinking of.


Well, I fell off the TOADie wagon and ordered a deck (I won't say which so as not to enable anyone lol)...but if it counts, I returned another deck I just got recently so it kind of works out right???

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Scarlet Woodland

I cancelled a pre-order that kept getting pushed back yesterday so am actually in the minus for this month. Don't get to feel good about that till I've cleared the CC of my last deck purchases though. Should be clear in a couple days and then I'm allowed cake :D


Shaman's tarot+book on the way to me. Just went captive to the amazing art and very good reviews...

I have a feeling we will work together for a long time.


I need to stay away from eBay. I'm waiting for a couple of vintage decks I recently won. They were about $20ish each so not bad but it all adds up, you know?

It's tougher to avoid my local witchy store though because they're having a weekly gift basket draw for their 25th anniversary month. Rita's frozen custard is also next door so I can't stay away!

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Only purchased two decks since the beginning of the year! I have to admit, it was due to other things I had on my plate - like my career. For now, I plan to read as many books as I can on the decks I do have and focus there. Being a bit of a bookworm, I do not find it too difficult to substitute one obsession for another. Bibliomanic concupiscence over deck lust. :p


Well, I have one deck on the way. BUT I did give my Original Rider Waite to a friend this week and have sold the Halloween, so I'm actually in the black. :D (The reason I had to sell was because the drawer I keep my tarot decks in was completely stuffed and I wouldn't be able to fit the new deck in!)

The hardest thing about parting with decks is when I photograph them to sell and realize how lovely they are. I got the Silhouette out to sell as well but it has gone back in the drawer again. I am weak.

I currently have 16 decks, which is nothing I know. But it's far more than I can actually use.