Tobaira was calling to me!


Just wanted to share this a little bit. The past few weeks have been very draining and I work with a woman who is difficult at best. I went out last night and purchased a book on psychic protection to try to counter some of her negativity.

After reading a bit of it I was suddenly struck by the thought of Tobaira of the Waters. I've never pulled this card in a reading. I didn't even know the meaning until I got up and read it in the book. But it was such a nice thing to know that the faeries are looking out for me, even when I haven't touched the cards in a while. The meaning of the card was very appropos and I thanked her for reminding me that no one can make me feel anything I don't want to feel. I will be trying to follow her advice.

So nice to receive messages of hope from them!

R :)


Tobaira shows up for me when I'm moody ... awash in her waters, or my own. But she has such a sweet energy, she's welcome any time.