Touchstone ~ 5 of Wands

Templar Girl

Seems like quite a proud and arrogant young man. Almost as if he caused the conflict and is now standing back and enjoying the fruits of his labour. (Loaded the bullets, now watching the others firing the gun, so to speak). I almost want to slap this "lad's" face for him. Don't think I would want to be friends with this character.
I certainly get the traditional meaning, though with this 5 of wands the quarrel feels less random and more stage managed by our young dandy with his cocky attitude.


I have to agree with you, Templar Girl. This fellow looks like he enjoys "shaking the hornets' nest" just to get a rise out of others. Sort of reminds me of some of the flamers you see on forums who love to get others angry just so they can "prove" their superiority with a duel of ideas.


I also agree with you Templar Girl. He doesn't look like anyone you would want to be friends with.

Definitely someone who loves causing trouble!


Actually I see this guy as standing aside, probably at work (wands), with his
superior ideas, I do see his ego showing through, or is it his belief in himself
as being right enough that he can stand aside and not be in the middle of all
the fighting going on?

The other four are fighting each other and each other's ideas. They are
probably all co-workers and he is really thinking that he is right and he is
probably not the type to want to fight at work, so therefore, he might be
thinking about changing jobs.

I think his look is saying:
"What are they all fighting about anyway, don't they know that I have the
BEST idea here and I don't need to fight them?"

He looks calm, but unhappy, like he doesn't even want to be there with the
childish co-workers all frustrated and fighting.

I do think he is thinking that the others are "so stupid."

I wouldn't want to slap him, because he is probably right, fighting is not much
fun when you are tying to get some work acomplished (red drapes = energy
and compassion for what you are doing (wands=work or home situations).

I just see this card as there are lots of arguments, hassels, discord,
challenges on your job (with your co-workers) or at home (with your family members).
It can even mean fighting with your friends or A friend.


morticia monroe

I am looking at all the faces in this card,,,and the body positions and stances,,,and the positions of the wands,,,this looks to me like a MOCK battle.

The man in the loincloth has absolutely none of the fierceness of expression that one would have during a fight. The adolescent in the middle, although being grabbed by the other man, does not look to be terrified,,,in fact he's not even LOOKING at his attacker. No tensed muscles, or strained expressions.

This makes me think these men are actors, choreographing a fight scene.

And then we have our Prima Donna. He is cocky and smug, and has his own ideas about how it should be done. He is about to enter the scene and make things difficult for everyone by wanting it all done his way,,,


I think of him as standing off to the side as well, maybe he is the director of the fight. It does look like they are on a stage doesn't it? He does look rather smug, but maybe he is just shy and gets mistaken for that on occasion :)
To me it looks like the guy wearing the chainmail is kneeling and talking with the boy in green. Telling him what his next move should be?
How I read the 5 wands depends on what feels right at the time, if it is fighting in a lighthearted way or if the claws have really come out!