Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

Le Fanu

I thought the Touchtone MM book was good. I raced through it. Read it cover to cover so it obviously held my attention. I don't know what info is on the site, but I rememebr I particularly liked the intro (Kat's personal slant on getting into tarot and developing the Touchstone deck) and I especially love the picture sources. But that is a mania of mine with a deck like this and the Golden and MRP decks. I love knowing ths sources, and - I don't know about others - I always involuntarily remember info about the sources and it helps me when thinking about meanings...

I love knowing that the flowers on the table were Van Dyke and the feather in the hat was Rubens etc...


Thank you AprilFool and Le Fanu! :)


Most of the information in the book (eg all the art sources, which are obviously a bit of an obsession of mine!) is also available at and also the book is available at an eBook through Amazon/Kindle - although unfortunately I think that's just in the US. We certainly can't buy Kindle books here in AU :(

I don't think you probably *need* the book - although the gold edges on the Kunati edition are very pretty. I use the LE to read for myself but I love to show off the Kunati one - people really like to look at the detail in the much bigger cards. Perhaps you can pick it up in a trade, or buy it at a discount from Amazon US?


Thanks Kat! :)

No credit card, so I can't buy anything from Amazon, e-book or otherwise, unfortunately.
(and I suspect, like you, that those e-books won't be available to Europeans, like so many things on US sites...)

I think I'll just wait until I'm a bit richer, ;), or might try and get it in a trade some time; perhaps there's someone who has bought two MM sets and wants to part with a book.

And I have at least two friends who I think will buy the MM edition at some point, then I could borrow the book from them (and admire the gold edges!).


yay! yay! yayyyyyyy! :joke:

i finally got this deck. it arrived today. i was in love just holding it my hand before i got the shrinkwrap off it. lol i've just spent over an hour looking through the cards one by one (though i'd seen them all online except the extra two). omg i love it!!! :love: just love it. it's reminding me of when i got my first ever deck, many years ago. (the enchanted tarot by zerner and farber.) and the facial expressions are so lifelike that i just keep laughing out loud.

absolutely beautiful presentation, too. somehow i never read anywhere that it comes in a hinged box! those and the tins are my favorites. i didn't realize it had gilt edges either. lol i suppose i was so taken with the artwork i didn't worry about the rest... oh, i just love it. everything about it. the borders, the box, the book, everything.

absolutely delightful! well done.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Thanks Mellifluous!

Some sad news - as mentioned on another thread, Kunati have closed their doors. I won't go into it all again - discussed in detail elsewhere - but the upshot is that Touchstone is officially Out Of Print.

I will be taking control of all remaining stock and organising distribution, so it will continue to be available for some time to come (perhaps there may be a slight shortage while we work all that stuff out), so there's no need to panic-buy stocks. I'll post here if stocks run low, and also where you will be able to buy it when and if it disappears off Amazon.


I'm soooo lucky I got my Touchstone Tarot few months ago. Signed too ♥!


you're very welcome! i'm just about to do my first reading with it and i'm pretty excited. :D lol

i was sorry to read that thread about kunati. (even moreso earlier today when it arrived and i saw how lovely it truly is in person.) i'm glad you'll be keeping the remaining stock available to people though, and i hope it will be back in print with a new publisher very soon. can't say it enough: you did a GREAT job with this deck!



I got mine with the book from amazon, and for the book since I have the LE. I enjoyed looking for canges and also the size of the cards does make it easier to see details.

One wording of warning though: my first copy (amazon) had to be returned as some of the cards (?8 or so?) had a kind of cut in them along one side in the border. My second copy has a small tear in one card, but I couldn't be bothered to return it since the flaw is small and as I'm keeping the deck it wasn't a big deal.

I don't know if anyone else had quality control problems or if I was unlucky, but Kat it might be worth checking what you send out as returns are a Class A Pain. Other people/ people buying spares or an extra to sit alonside the LE - make sure you open the deck up and check.


ps amazon are VERY easy to return to. They dispatched my replacement 1st class without waiting for the other to get back to them, so if anyone has card problems just do a return.



Aerin -

I see that Kat is taking responsibility for returns, as Kunati has folded (which I am extremely sorry to see!). Maybe this has already been stated somewhere, but the best way for her to do this may be to open all decks, and make sure that the cards are all acceptable. Unfortunately, with returns, someone always takes a hit.

This is such a wonderful deck - perhaps a private printing of the mass produced deck can be arranged. Just a thought.