Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black


Bonnie, as I said it is such a small issue (compared with extra hassle) that I am keeping the deck - amazon have a pretty good exchange service. I was just worrying about Kat finding returns a pain if there are quite a few problems and if she doesn't check the decks as you suggest. I've no way of knowing if it is 1 deck in 1000 (probably not hassley) or one in 50 (starts to get annoying).

All Is One

I'm REALLY sad to hear that Kunati is folding. I had wondered how they could provide such high quality for such a low price. I bought four extra copies, but it's such a great gift, I might get more.

(I only use the LE version for myself.)

Kunati made such fabulous boxes, and used good card stock and I could just go on and on. Quality is disappearing.


I wouldn't be able to open the decks and then still sell them as new. Besides, I'm certainly not having the stock all shipped to AU when 90% of the customers are in the US. The defect rate wasn't that high. Out of around 1000 or so decks sold, I think there were about 20 returns. I would think that was pretty typical, especially of a product produced in China where quality control isn't as high a priority as some other countries. The distributors will deal with it, I'm sure.


That's OK.

I was just really unlucky then. Or - I'm one in a thousand !!! ;D


I had the Touchstone sitting in my basket for a while now - but with the sad news of Kunati closing I thought I'd better get my copy ordered.

It came a couple of days ago - the imagery is breathtaking - never would you know that its collage. And it is the faces that catch your attention first, maybe about 99% of them look at you - then the beauty of the card shines through. I love the style and artwork of the Golden but the Touchstone has more than equaled that.

The cardstock is good, its a wide deck 13cm X 9cm, 5 inches x 3 1/2 inches, but they feel nice to handle. The gilding looks lovely and doesn't stick together. The hinged box and the booklet are very well made, the box should keep these cards safe for a very long time.

Its such a shame that this deck will now be OOP so if you want a copy I wouldn't leave it too I'm already getting a backup. :)

sea monkey

Wow. I ordered two decks (one for me, and the other perhaps a gift to a special someone someday) and they came today. Wow.

Beautiful box, great printing on solid card stock. The edge guilding is shiny and perfect. But the best feature of all is the art on the cards; stunning.

I am totally impressed. Nice work Kat.


I got mine a few weeks ago (after reading this thread - I'd had it on my 'get someday' list for some time as I LOVE the Golden) and just did my first reading with it.

I'm IN LOVE with this deck already. Beautiful, insightful....and I really appreciate that Kat Black annotated many of the stories behind the cards. It really gives them so much depth.

Thank you!


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