Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black


MG's Honest Opinion

retrokat said:
Ah, the pressure! I hope it lives up to your expectations MG... How about we make a deal - you give your honest opinion here as soon as it turns up and you can tell us if it did. I'll have my fingers crossed :D Thank You K

Hi Kat and everyone!

i just now opened the package, know i was really, really hoping it would be wonderful, because i promised Kat i would give my honest opinion, i am so bad}):D It isn't wonderful at all! "Wonderful" is too weak of a word!!!!! It is Fantabulistic!!!! There...:joke:
i am still speechless, really. i have all my goodies sitting here by my side. i have been through a lot this past week, and getting this gorgeous package today has really, really lifted my Spirits. This is a going to be such a wonderful deck to get to know...the faces are soooo expressive...i adore my surprise gift, and all the extra goodies! :) My Bag is perfect--so beautiful! The card stock is wonderful and i can tell it will shuffle like a dream.:heart: Oh, and mine is #149 of 500.

Thank-you so much to: Kat, Kat's Mum, Leisa, the "Unknown Benefactor", and everyone who contributed to this wonderful artistic project. Kat, you can uncross you fingers, now! ;)

Love and Blessings,

Madame Squee

Kimber said:
I know for sure I accidentally ordered two decks because one notification refers to 154/500 and the other refers to 195/500. Oh, well - I'd rather have two than none at all!!!
Well, I also received an email for deck # 195/500. So, I guess we're going to have to wait and see how this shakes out... :bugeyed:


My deck 164/500 arrived today and I agree with Moongypsy...fantastic...wonderful...fabulous...ARE too weak to give this deck the description she deserves! It is so expressive and started talking as soon as I took her out of the georgeous bag that Kat's mum made for her. A regular chatter-box!!! The feel of the cards is actually like greeting an old stiffness here at all!! Leisa and Kat I can't begin to say how much this is appreciated...It is quality all the way!!!!


It's here! It's here! Um, at least the first one of the two is (#154/500). Whoever gets #155 might have an issue, though - the signed/numbered card for #155 was also in with my signed and numbered #154. If you PM me with your mailing address, I'll send it right off to you!

And whoever ordered #195, don't panic. My fat fingers tperd "195" by mistake!!


[And whoever ordered #195, don't panic. My fat fingers tperd "195" by mistake!![/QUOTE]

Said fat fingers at work again! How in the world did "typed" turn into "tperd"?


Me too! Me too!

Mailed on Saturday, arrived today! Just amazing...

As others have said, the bag is just wonderful, a perfect match for the deck. The goodies are fun and useful, and the fitting this deck arrive as I am finishing up reading _The Boleyn Inheritance_ (finished _The Other Boleyn Girl_ 2 days ago), and am seeing many of the characters inhabiting the deck. My deck is # 213, which reduces to 6, the number of the Lovers card...very appropriate, given my current reading interests, I think!

Congratulations to Kat and Leisa for a fantastic limited edition package! Brava!


All Is One

This is torture. I have to admit that I was so proud of my restraint. I just told myself that I would wait for the MM version. Ha! So much for restraint. At some point very soon, I have to order one of the limited edition. I am only human.

morticia monroe

Mine just arrived and I love it...

Kat, I love your choice for the Queen of Swords! And please tell your Mama the bag is lovely.

All Is One

This is a good omen...Morticia happens to turn up every time I order a deck lately. Last time, when I ordered the Crone, there you were. I love that deck. Just now I ordered the Touchstone, and here you are!

Now my day is better. Having succumbed, I can now just relax and wait for the deck! I love the Golden, I can't wait to see this one.

Congratulations to Kat on the successful launch of her new baby!!! :) :) :)


Got it just now and love love love it ...can't wait to show it to my tarot group Sunday :)