Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black


Hey Embla... when did you order yours?

(just wondering when I might get mine) :)


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Embla said:
Oh thank you MoonGypsy, what a pleasant surprise!
You are most welcome, dear Embla!:):love:
Blessings of Peace and Light,


Hi Nina! I think I ordered mine around July 24th, but I am not exactly sure! It was before Aug 1st anyway! Hope you get yours soon!


Ah... Okay, then I shouldn't worry yet, at all. :) Thanks, Embla!!!


Got it!!!

Love it!!!!

Everything is so beautiful. I got a black velvet bag with a gold border.

Thanks to everyone involved! :heart:



I need to write an official review...

Love it.

Kinda dates her older sister.

All Is One

Umbrae said:
Kinda dates her older sister.

Assuming that you refer to the Golden? I took to the Touchstone in a way I have not taken to the Golden, but I was much more involved with looking at the Touchstone images and looking forward to it also. I took it out recently, and it's a gorgeous, well done deck. I still haven't worked with it.

The Touchstone is the deck I'm using now, and, as I have posted before on this thread, I can't put it down, sometimes I go late into the night.

I haven't had a deck work this well for me in months.

Good to know you love it too.


#236/500 arrived safely. It's a splendid deck and honestly I love it. Now I'm going to burn the cone-incense and set up a sort of shrine place.


These images seem to pull you in more and more each time you look at them... or at least that's how they work for me.

I was a bit afraid that the ''portrait look'' would mean that symbols and details would be missing, but they aren't in any way.

The Moon and Sun cards are both probably the most beautiful ones I have ever seen.


Oh yes, forgot to mention the Sun. It makes me smile :)