Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black


The Hermit is fantastic! He is talking to me already! Can't wait to get this deck! Looking forward to being able to order it!


Simply gorgeous

Oh dear! I was going to try to resist adding a deck to my wishlist but those court cards have finished me off. :)

The two of swords (seeing her eyes and her facial expression make it a stunning card), Queen of Wands and the Page of Cups have really drawn me. I like that you have colour co-ordinated the suits and that there are many additional extras in the cards that enable you to grow with the cards and constantly noticed different points (animals, the sky etc).


Pagan X

Gilt edges! How entirely perfect!
I am looking forward to the stories of Kat's 78 friends. It takes Tarot to its Triomfi roots, with Virtues as personalities.
It's going to be a difficult wait...


Kat~Those are incredible and wonderfully done!! I can't wait for this one! We love the same kind of movies, too. Did you also watch Lady Jane, Anne of the Thousand Days, Mary Queen of Scots and The Other Boleyn Girl? Come over and we can have a movie watching marathon! And then you can show me more of your cards! :D

The Hermit is amazing...I love the owl. These all look like they ought to be framed in beautiful ornate and heavy gilt, so knowing they will have gilt edgings really is exciting. This is going to be quite a beauty!

morticia monroe

Between the Touchstone Tarot and the Buckland Reprint, the suspense and anticipation are amazing. *claps hands* YAY!!!

Beautiful, Kat, absolutely beautiful!

Queen of Disks

This deck and these cards make me very very happy! Excellent job. :party: :D :thumbsup:


HearthCricket said:
These all look like they ought to be framed in beautiful ornate and heavy gilt, so knowing they will have gilt edgings really is exciting.

Funnily enough, I originally used a gilt-frame border (as per Golden, although USGS muted it to a mustard colour), but then given the intimacy of the deck, I ended up being much happier with the more subtle plain, dark wooden frame. I think the gilt title-plate and the foil-gilded edging will be just the right amount of understated opulence.

One thing it sure won't have is foil accents (embossed gold bits on the cards) - I always think those look like trashy greeting cards. I was married to a Master Gilder for 10 yrs, so I'm probably a bit fussy about these things :p

Thanks muchly for those other movie tips - will try to get hold of them to watch while I work on the Companion Book over the winter :D


Nice to hear a publisher isn't afraid to go with quality, as opposed to another publisher and their sticky decks. Good job all around.


each time i hear something about your deck it becomes better and better

Bravo my dear you did a great thing creating this new deck and Kunati is rewarding it in the correct way by a fitting publication of this jewel that it is/will be !!


so excited to find this information

on the Touchstone deck, and to find other Golden Tarot enthusiasts!

It was love at first sight when I saw my Golden Tarot deck, but what really put it over the top was when I tried Mary K Greer's suggestion to make up a story or a fairytale about what you see in the card as a way of teasing out some deeper levels of meaning. Kat, your work is so expressive and rich, that it is like the card itself is telling ME the fairytale, and I am just recording it. I can't wait to "hear" what stories the Touchstone cards have to tell!