Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black


All Is One said:
Am I the only one who received an extra "From The Author" card?

Eek! That should so have not gone out - undermines the Limited Edition. Uh-oh. Must have got stuck to the signed one?


I am keeping the Happy Squirrel card in the deck. I have not used the deck yet for readings as I am still studying it. I might use it as a significator or just as a card to remind us to lighten up and be happy. I have yet to decide.


retrokat said:
Hmm, it must have got damaged in transit somehow. Happy to replace the bag, PM or email me or Leisa.

I've pmed you. I didn't expect a replacement and it is beyond classy that you're offering! I'm so happy because the bag is just gorgeous and fits the deck perfectly and I was so dissapointed that I wouldn't be able to use it.

*LOVE* the deck and my sister came over tonight and I let her hold it and look at the cards and she fell in love so she'll be ordering her own copy.

This and the golden are the only 2 collage decks I've ever really liked. They are almost seamless.



jeseryn said:
They are almost seamless.

Almost? Hmpf! I thought with Touchstone I'd finally managed to succeed there :p


I also received two "From the Author" cards. It doesn't undermine the LE at all. In fact, it makes it more valuable. Not that I'm putting it on Ebay or anything...

All Is One

You certainly did manage to succeed, Kat!!

Leisa PM'd me and I'll fix this. No, it was not stuck to the signed card...I would have known it was a mistake if that were what had happened.

It was inside the deck itself. I wish I could tell you exactly what cards it was in between but I was just looking through the whole deck, so when I came across another "From The Author" card, and it had no number written on it, I assumed it was like an extra...a bonus, to do with "as you will" and immediately decided to use it in the deck because of the art on it.

I'm bummed that I was wrong, but if it is going to undermine, etc.....of course I'll sacrifice it!

I only mentioned it al all because I thought it strange that no one else did. If you go back through the whole thread...I did mention it once before.

Let me know....

Strange times, eh?


Yep, any extra cards we need to get back sorry! We'll cover return shipping.

Because the printers shrinkwrapped them (they weren't meant to) we did not check though the actual decks individually. Now I'm thinking maybe we should have!

Thanks for letting us know, and getting the spare back to us. It is very important for the integrity of an LE that 'spares' don't make it into circulation.


retrokat said:
Golden was created from 2000-2002 when emotionally I felt very much 'damaged goods'. It's a bit aloof.

Touchstone is a product of my current life - where I'm not afraid to have and express feelings, and I am a lot more trusting and open. I think it shows in the deck. They may be wearing clothes (very pretty clothes at that) but in some ways, these characters are totally exposed. You can see their emotions, their stories, their advice, written on their faces. That's a product of my life as it is now. I have the confidence to be exposed, to break down the walls that I'd built to protect myself.
Thank you so much for sharing the energetic backgrounds behind the creation of the Golden and Touchstone Tarot decks. It explains a lot!

Though I have always been attracted to my Golden Tarot, I have not used it for readings as often as I do other favorite decks. Until reading your comments, I'd never really been able to pinpoint why that might be so. I always chalked up the Golden's rather aloof quality to the flat style of the period artwork. Now I know better.

By stark contrast, the Touchstone Tarot is warmly alive and, in readings, downright chatty! It informs, illuminates, and even manages to make me smile. It is one of those decks that reads even better than it looks. (I might add, the Touchstone Tarot is a looker! :laugh:).

Thanks again, Kat! With each and every day, I just love my Touchstone Tarot more and more. I have been wearing my pendant and just generally enjoying everything about, and included with, this very special limited edition version of the deck. My "Mom made" Touchstone Tarot bag is the soft faux brown suede style. It is rich and sumptuously luxe. (Yea Mom!!!!)

For those of you sitting on the bench about this one, I say run, do not walk to order up your LE Touchstone Tarot while there are still decks to be had. If you like what you see online, wait until you give the Touchstone a test drive!!! :love:



I feel more and more drawn to this deck.

I have just read a very good novel on the life of the french king Philippe II and one day later I have rediscovered the Touchstone tarot while surfing on AT.

In my imagination, the characters of the novel and those of the deck looks really similar.

Another deck on my wishlist, but it is a lot more difficult for me to be patient for this particular one.


Just want to sing more praises for the touchstone. I received the deck a few days ago and I had reservations because it's a portrait deck and I thought.. really.. how deep can a deck full of faces be?

Very deep. I'm so in love with this deck. First it's just beautiful to look at. The backs of the cards are probably the prettiest I've seen. It very much has the feeling of Autumn. My favorite season. The card images themselves are a lot deeper then I thought possible.

The size is perfect for my hands and it shuffles like a dream. The cardstock is a perfect weight. The finish is like velvet. I like the textured card edges. I keep rubbing my fingertips around the edge as I look at the cards and it's almost a sensual experience.

I love that it has a squirrel card because I like the idea of the deck "resting" with a bit of whimsy and comfort. (I know sounds whacko!)

I had a problem with the bag that was included and the author (Kat) has been accomodating, pleasant and very generous and attentive in resolving the issue.

And the readings I've done with it have been spot on. I received 280/500 and I really suggest grabbing the LE while it's still available. I will most likely buy the published version but this deck size and feel is really perfect imo.

I'm usually supercritical about anything involving artwork since I'm a graphic designer/artist by trade and everything about the Touchstone is just very tight.

I sound like such a groupie. lol.