Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

Le Fanu

All Is One said:
I got three of them from Amazon when they first came out but they had to fill their pre-orders first. I already gave two away, so I hope they get more in as soon as possible. Now that I know they run out like this I'm going back to place more on hold.

Essjay and I were talking about amazon uk... has them in stock I think.

All Is One

Yep....I went from here to get more copies and they did have them. I never take Amazon's word for it, but sometimes they do tell the truth.

Hope you get your copies in on Amazon uk soon. The people I've given copies to are thrilled. I love the mass market edition as well.


Groan, I got lucky with Amazon and the Deviant Moon and picked up one of the handfull of copies they got in last year. I have been just checking periodically and missed it!

Le Fanu, I'll let you know if I see them come in stock! :)

Eta - they say 9 - 12 days now.

Le Fanu

Essjay said:
Eta - they say 9 - 12 days now.

That´s more promising..... I´ll give it another week or so then place my order.

Thanks for keeping an eye open for me. Will do the same! Maybe alida will get it in stock or tarot chest? However, as it is Kunati, I don´t know whether they deal with this publisher. R.e the Quantum (also Kunati) it was only available at the book depository.


I hope my local Chapters in Ancaster, Ontario will carry these cards. They are absolutely gorgeous. I am very drawn to the Tudor period so they are perfect.


Essjay said:
When, oh when, is going to get their stock in? At the moment it says delivery in 1 - 4 weeks which means they're not sure I'm guessing.

I bought mine via Amazon Marketplace from Aprohead Books and it was here within a week (arrived yesterday). Maybe you should try them if you're feeling desperate!

Amazon UK is now saying "usually despatched within 9 - 12 days". I tend to find it's the word "usually" that causes the problem. :)

Le Fanu

avalonian said:
Amazon UK is now saying "usually despatched within 9 - 12 days"

Amazon is now saying "this title has not yet been released" which I think we know is probably not true.

Best bet seems to be like avalonian says, via aphrohead or any other amazon uk seller.


Humph - typical!

The book depository also seems to have it and cheaper than amazon :)


I'm so impressed with the Touchstone!

I was offered this deck by a dear lady on AT and I'm so impressed with it! I didn't follow the creation thread so it's totally new to me. At first I wasn't sure I was going to like it but the more I use it, the more its subtle beauty just totally envelopes me. I really love it. It's just a beautiful, sensitive, exquisite deck. What more can I say?

At first I thought the characters weren't expressive. And that the deck wasn't colorful. And that since the whole figures of the people don't appear mostly, it would be hard to read. The two things I really liked were the box and the gilded edges.

But then I started using it and the expressions on the people weren't unexpressive at all. They're very subtley expressive, but there's life in their faces and in their eyes. And the colors only appeared to be muted. In reality, they unfold before you very vividly, especially the blues. Is there such a thing as subtle intensity? If there is, the colors in this deck are that.

There's an overall softness about the images that I find very gentle but eloquent. I'm enjoying the deck very much.

The only card I cringe at and don't like is the Hanged Man, because it's so suggestive of Christ on the cross. There's no cross and he's just hanging by his elbow, it looks like, but the implied meaning is definitely there, it seems to me.