Touchstone Tarot~ Four of Wands


The 4 of Wands has such a positive conotation and overall vibe!
This lady is taking some time to herself, reading her book and enjoying the scenery. She is enjoying being away from the castle and the pressures of life there! Here she can be herself and take a load off.

The woman dancing in the background kind of looks like the woman in the 2 of Wands, perhaps she too has broken free for an afternoon and is simply enjoying herself!


There is a feeling of celebrating life and enjoying the moment in this card.
The two ladies do look very happy to be out doors and are making the most of their leisure time and the lovely day.

The castle in the background looks very imposing, perched so high up.
It looks to be built on a strong and stable foundation, and looks to be the sort of place that would be impenetrable in time of battle-a safe haven in times of trouble.