Touchstone Tarot- High Priestess

morticia monroe

Have you ever seen anyone so matter-of-fact looking? This High Priestess is beautiful and the light of truth shines subtly from her face, even in the dark. She stands before an entrance through which none whom are unsure may pass. Through that entrance lies all knowledge, all truths.

The scroll in her hand holds every page ever written, and the book records all deeds ever done.

There is a black stone in her headdress which rests on her third eye chakra. Is this an onyx? Onyx is reputed to soothe fears and worries and help control overwhelming emotion. But this woman seems to have NO emotion. She is calm, and obviously at peace with the knowledge she posesses.

You ask her a question, and she tells you that the knowledge is there, right through the sheer curtains. What lies behind is unknown but it is surely true. She is going to show you.

When I see the High Priestess, it often reminds me to pay strong attention to the workings going on in the BACK of my mind.