Touchstone Tarot- Justice

morticia monroe

Justice is seated, and she looks very weary. Her eyes are tired, her skin is sallow, and her clothes are wrinkled and possibly even dirty. Hers is a job that never ends, for everywhere she goes the cries of innocents call to her.
She is their champion and their defender.

Her arm, with the hand wielding a sword, is raised to strike. Or is it just to to remind us that although she appears to be a tired, docile woman she can also be aggressive, fast, and dangerous. She holds a scale in her hand to show that she is aware of imbalances that need righting, and she will follow through.

Her trusted feathered friend stays with her always. He is the symbol of her wisdom, perspective, intelligence, power, and mystery.

This card changes and bends a lot for me in the context of a reading. I find her to be flexible and honest as well as strong, true and fair. She can also be quite frightening at times. Many times she tells me that a situation will be righted, at ther times she wants me to try to look at something a little more impartially. Other times it is a "All things come in good time" message. She has comes to my mind a million different ways in readings.