Touchstone Tarot~King of Coins


I like this king, he oozes wealth and contentment.
Although he doesn’t look very old, he has wisdom and knows how to take care of his family and subjects.
His subjects will not know famine or hardship while he is on the throne, and the kingdom is in safe hands with him in charge of the treasury!

In both cards for the King and Queen there are oysters on a platter.
Does anyone know what they represent or symbolise?


For the oysters my guess is that they symbolize wisdom, you know "pearls of wisdom" pearls come from oysters... They could also be symbolic of the couples wealth, they can afford things like oysters and a place to keep them in.

I think that this King is a good match for the Queen, in some decks the two don't seem to go together. This couple appears to be a good match. The King does ooze the good life and clearly he is not wanting much :) if anything. I do wonder if perhaps he indulges in his pleasures more than he is focused on ruling his kingdom?


King of coins


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