Touchstone Tarot~Strength


The lady in this card seems to be trying to persuade the lion to let her take a look in his mouth.
She seems very determined to have a look, and not at all afraid to do it.
Perhaps the lion is in pain and knows that the lady is only trying to help.
There seems to be a lot of trust on both sides!

I love how the lion is sticking his tongue out for her inspection…....
It reminds me of when the Doctor tells you to stick your tongue out and say aaaaaaaaaaaaa.......



The lion seems hypnotized by her. She looks at him with both love and strength. She is determined to help him, whether he wants it or not.

It can take great strength sometimes to accept help. And sometimes it is those least likely to be able to give it (help/advice) who do.

The eternity symbol floats above her head. She will be there to administer to him for as long as he needs it, whether he realizes it or not.


I see confidence in her demeanor. I love the poise she's demonstrating in the face of danger. That's clearly a sign of inner strength.