*Touchstone Tarot* Ten of Coins


For me I think the old man is sitting at his deck writing his memoirs! It is towards the end of his life and he wants to put down on paper the life he has lived. He has lived a full, enriching life evidenced by the signs of prosperity on this card...the coins, the flowers, his home up in the corner of the card. These images seem to float and curl around him, images of his life experiences. The couple to his right at the top of the card, perhaps the younger man is him during a different point in life.

The 10s are about culmination, what you get at the end of the line. This 10 of Coins is about the good things in life that you realize by looking back. After a life well lived the man remembers family and security.


If this is so, and the old man is coming to the end of his life cycle, maybe he is writing his Will.
I think that he is looking back on his life and is satisfied that he did all that he could to provide a stable, happy home for his children and grandchildren.
Maybe the couple in the card are the ones who will inherit.
They will be the ones who will benefit from the old mans lifetime of hard work and achivement.

The tiny blue flowers just above the old mans right hand – I wonder, could they be Forget-me-nots?


10 of coins


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