Touchstone Tarot ~ The Devil


This Devil looks like Mr Temptation himself!
He looks out at you from the card with his eyebrows raised in a challenge.
‘Dare you give into temptation?’

The naked couple in the background remind me of the couple in the Lovers card. They look to be stuck in a perilous palace, clinging to chains for support, trying hard to hang on in fear of falling into the flames.
What could have happened to them to bring them to this terrible place?
Were these chains of their own making?

I wonder if they are chained by their fear and their inability to move forward to face their demons.

morticia monroe

I love the look in his eye.

He's enticing, his life is a bacchanal and he offers to share all with you. But his price is far more than we bargain for.

The wierd thing is, you can SEE his victims behind him. You KNOW what your pain can be and yet you still consider the offer. And surely you're not so blind to realize by the look of him that this man is unscrupulous, a trickster, and I'm banking on just downright mean.

At what point want? What can you want so badly that you offer yourself and your own happiness to achieve it or posess it? And we do it over and over in our lives, knowing that if you REALLY look at him, he's just a man. And his will is no greater than yours as long as you do not submit to him.

Your problems with this guy are self-inflicted most of the time.


He reminds me of the actor Brian Blessed, teehee :)

I often see the devil in a positive light, enticing a person to be a little bit wicked. A bit what you fancy does you good, after all ;). Therefore I love the glint of wickedness in the eyes of this devil and the naughtiness it inspires. He's a loveable rogue. But there's a strong warning... just don't allow yourself to get too close or you may feel the heat of the flames....


LOL! Yes he does look like Brian Blessed now that you mention it!

I can hear that wonderful deep baritone voice of his booming out from the card! :D


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My eye is drawn to the figure over his left shoulder. Although the LWB says it is a stick figure, I see its pose as a position a monkey would make, so I read this as a "monkey on your back."

The grapes remind me that the problems in my life can start innocently enough, but I must remember that grapes can also become wine. And that's something else, altogether.