Touchstone Tarot~The King of Wands


This King looks like Henry VIII.
He is passionate, creative and bold.
He seems to have confidence in his own abilities and isn’t afraid to voice his opinions and speak his mind.
There is a lot of red in this card, it says passion to me.
But I think that the hint of red in the Kings beard is a warning to watch out, this King has a temper!


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I would imagine this King does have a bit of a temper, much like his wife! I've seent he King of Wands as red headed in other decks as well, the one that immediately comes to mind is the King of Rods in the Medieval Scapini.
The King does look comfortable, both in life and his position. I wonder if a quality of his is boredom, as with his personality he may need to be entertained a good deal to be kept happy.

The Salamander, a creature associated with the element of fire, sits on his lap. I like this little addition, that the critter is real and not a decoration on the King's hat or woven into his clothing!


I never noticed he had a Salamander on his lap!

Thanks for pointing it out. :)