Touchstone Tarot~The Page of Wands


The page of wands looks like he is ready to jump to his feet in this card!
He looks to be all set for a new challenge or new adventure.
He has a book open on his desk, I wonder if he is looking at the pictures in it for some inspiration, planning future possibilities?


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This page does look studious, in fact all of the pages in this deck do! Which I love, they aren't just standing around being idle. They all really do look as though you've interrupted a study session!

This page seems confident in his knowledge, not bored or arrogant in it. He has a real passion for his studies because he has persued something that he loves!


He looks full of energy, just like a Page of Wands should. Although his studies are important to him, he is very alert to the real world. He looks at us with speaking eyes and establishes a rapport. Quite an amazing card IMO. I really wait for him to open his mouth and speak to me, or close his book, get up and start moving.