Touchstone tarot~The Seven of Swords


The Seven of Swords

I have been pulling this card regularly for a few weeks now and thought that this was the one begging to be studied next.

This Guy looks like he’s up to no good or ‘shifty’, as we say in the UK.

The way that he seems to look you in the eye whilst seeming to draw out one of the swords he is clutching makes me think beware, Back Stabber!

Also the tents in the background make me think that he could be an opportunist, who has seized the moment when everyone is busy at the tournament/fair to help himself to things that don’t belong to him.
He is richly dressed, which makes me think that he isn’t ripping people off because he needs the cash, more likely, just because he can.

What do you think?


This guy certainly has some very "shifty" eyes...wonder what he is thinking?

Is he thinking about (swords) or making "secret" (7) plans?

His beady eyes tell me that he is dishonest and sneaky...even manipulative! A cheater!!!
And that he wouldn't think twice about talking behind your back!

With this guy involved, there are some problems and troubles heading this way:eek:
You should watch your possessions closely, because you may be in danger of
being ripped off! (unless you are the one in the picture!:bugeyed: )



I agree with you Stargazer that "Mr. Shifty" is too richly dressed to be in need of these material possessions. I tend to think of the swords suit as ideas/thoughts and communication. This is one guy who would have no problem taking credit for another person's creative ideas or projects. His middle name is "Plagiarist." Got a new invention, essay, or speech? Don't share it with this guy, because it will soon have his name on it! I think he loves to twist a person's words around to make that person look bad to another. He likes to gossip, especially if the gossip means the character assassination of another! His goal is to make himself look good while making others look bad.

flying black kat

This must be the card for politicians.


Templar Girl

I have to agree with the aforementioned comments. He definately looks shifty. I wonder if his 3 fine rings and lush cloak etc were obtained by fair means. For what could be a possible battlefield, he does appear very finely attired. Perhaps he does not like to get his hands dirty and gets others to do his dirty work or perhaps he is wearing the spoils of a raid...
Hmm, this character definately does not seem the caring, sharing type


flying black kat said:
This must be the card for politicians.


I was doing a reading about the upcoming US Presidential election, and this card appeared. :D

All Is One

This just proves my attraction for bad boys. (How did I ever wind up with a Prince like Andy ;)) Because I find him quite attractive.

Definitely doesn't look like a nice guy. A thief of some sort.....I agree.

But he sure looks good in his finery!


He kind of has this look like he dares you to confront him on his behavior. Like he will be able to just smooth talk his way out of any situation and make it all sound coincidental! I wonder if he is coming out of the colored tent, it looks fancier than the plain white tents in the background. Is it his tent? Has he gotten rich off of his schemes? Or maybe it isn't his tent and he has just robbed someone, taking what he feels they can surely spare.

morticia monroe

YES! I agree with all of you.

This dude is a loser! He's trying to stack the deck in his favor by leaving them just some, but not enough....and his fine dress tells that he certainly already has what he needs. He's shallow, a cheat, a liar, and a cad. He's also the coward who will not only deny it, but feign to be insulted when he's caught.

Backstabber is the perfect word, stargazer.