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All Is One

I'm sitting here waiting up late late because my husband got held up for an extra 6 plus hours at work.

I thought...."The only thing to make you feel better is to remember how much you love him"

So I decided it was time to start a conversation about the world.

I see Jasper.....or a beautiful young man with dark hair...take your pick...and in the top left I see a lovely enigmatic version of Kat....

Any thoughts anyone?

All Is One

Husband is home.....relaxing on porch smoking....

Wanted to add that this world is not feminine, not looking at you, but at the heavens, and he is holding his wand or staff as if he means to use it. His cloak is draped in a manly, discreet fashion (thank you Kat....nudity not my thing) and of course there is the eagle, the Lion (wait....that is an unlikely choice!) and the Ox...?

I need to get out my traditional decks....this is something I should consider for a bit.

I could have waited to post until I sounded like I knew sonething....but then.....the Fool jumps, right?


Nice to see a guy on this card for a change... With the way he's holding the wands, there is more of an "as above, so below" feeling in this card than the Magician. It gives a message of "In perfect harmony, everything is as it should be." The laurel wreath seems to be a symbol of victory. The leg positions (one raised, one down) might indicate being in the material world while at the same time being in the spiritual.

This is some info I got while doing a study on the RWS; not sure how much applies to Kat's deck (we'll have to wait for her book :D):
2 Wands: former two pillars seen in other cards that now have become tools for the creative expression of the soul.
Fixed Signs of the Zodiac: union of the unchanging (spiritual) with the changing (four seasons: Bull/Taurus - spring, earth element (St. Luke); Angel-Human/Aquarius - winter, water element (St. Matthew); Lion/Leo - summer, fire element (St. Mark); Eagle/Scorpio - fall, air element (St. John)

All Is One

bodhran, thanks for the four signs.... I knew I should look them up. I think it's been too long since I kept up on my studies. I drew a blank on them.

This guy looks more "grounded" than the usual figure in the World where the woman is floating in mid air.

The last time I spent some real time looking at the World card was when I pulled it from the Victorian Romantic and this card has a very different feeling.

He does seem to be a real human being, unlike the decks where the World is half man and half woman.

Kind of like we're in the "real" world here....?


The world certainly looks like the victory card here, it’s as if he is holding the wand above his head like a trophy.
I am wondering why the other wand is strapped to his arm?

Bodhran thanks for the meanings of the four signs surrounding him.
I was wondering what they meant.


This is probably going to be weird...but here goes:

First, looking under a strong magnifying glass, the strap is not on the wand
but looks like it is coming from behind him and is part of his wrap cloth and
may be a "safety" strap in case his wrap cloth slips!!!:bugeyed:

What I feel, just looking at the male figure, is that he is dancing and joyful
and is paying homage or honor to the heavens and "thanking" the
Eternal Creator of Life for all that he has and is.

(I would raise up my right armed wand to the heavens while dancing and say:
"Thank you Eternal Creator for ALL that YOU have given me and for ALL that I am.")

Ahhhh...that wasn't the weird part...
The weird part is that I am hearing "tom toms" as he dances his "Victory dance."

By dancing (or standing?) on one foot, he can keep his balance in case
things in this world go wrong for him...he won't fall...and he WILL BE SUCCESSFUL with whatever he does.

He has faith that all will be well for him.

The animals, fowl, and human stand for the elements of all that our world
is made out of. Guess someone else can describe those better than me.


Hey...where did everyone go? There must be more we can say about the "World"...:confused:

What about the four elements?

Templar Girl

Hi Tarotlyn,
Am still around but the World card just does not grab me for some reason, other than the standard RWS.
Thought I would show solidarity and that I am still lurking.


I'm here!
Bodhran beat me to the symbolism in the four corners.
He certainly does look free to me, and I like how he isn't look right at you, but up to the heavens.
For me the four elements in this card indicate what is needed to attain "The World", enlightenment, happiness, whatever you want to call it. I also think of the world as also indicative of balance and so all of the elements are needed for a balanced "world".
Fire-Passion, Water-Spirit, Air-Logic, earth-body/physical element.


Templar Girl said:
Hi Tarotlyn,
Am still around but the World card just does not grab me for some reason, other than the standard RWS.
Thought I would show solidarity and that I am still lurking.

Me too.
I got the feeling that everyone else must be on a Friday night out and that I am sad!

Home alone and loving every minute! ;)