Touchstone Tarot~ Three of Wands


To me I think this man is listening to an unseen person, perhaps for advice or information concerning his ships/business. Perhaps he is a merchant, evidenced by the beautiful robe he wears. I've said it before...I love the fabrics in this deck! The textures and colors really make the images pop! They aren't flat images because of it.

I often think of waiting for your ship to come in when I see the 3 of Wands, and perhaps that is what this man is doing. He does look serious!

morticia monroe

Here is a young Lord who has made his first serious business venture.The sails on the ship seems to be blowing it home, and so today is the day when he will know whether his investment has paid off. He is excited, and cannot help but dream of the possibilities that this opportunity can bring, but always knowing in the back of his mind that things may not have fared as well as he has hoped. He is not counting his chickens just yet.


I love what you have both said about this card.

There is definitely a feeling of anticipation in this Three of Wands.
And also a feeling of apprehension I think!

The man does seem to have company; he looks to have turned his head as if to answer a question.
Could it be about the approaching ship?