Touchstone Tarot *Two of Wands*


I love that there is a woman in this card! A business woman perhaps, maybe she doesn't officially run things but everyone knows she is the one in charge and the one who is responsible for her husband's/son's success.

What is she looking at? I always wonder this when I see the figure in the 2 of Wands card gazing out into the distance. Has she just sent out ships? Is she waiting for them to return? Can she see them on the horizon? Has she returned? Is she preparing to leave? I do think that the 2 of Wands opens up many questions for the querant to ponder when this card comes up. It opens the door for discussion in how they see the card, and what they think the lady is doing/thinking!

I do like the 2 of Wands because it feels much more certain and hopeful than the the 2 of Coins or the 2 of Swords. With this 2, the decision has already been made and now all that remains is to wait.

morticia monroe

She has had a choice to make.

One stick firmly stands and represents home, comforts, roots, the familiar. The other stick points to things unknown,,,the world, discovering, adventure, change.

Winter is moving out and Spring is on it's way in, as evidenced by the wand's leaves. The channel is open and clear, and it's time to make that decision.

The blush in her cheek and the look in her eye leads me to believe that her wish is to sail away, but there is still a hesitancy about her.


This lady has set aside one of the wands, which makes me think that she has already made her mind up as to which path she will follow.
That she is holding the wand she has chosen in her left hand seems to indicate that she has already made her choice-all be it in a subconscious way.