Touchstone ~ The 4 of Cups


The 4 of Cups

This card just CALLS me today... maybe I am bored!!! (understatement)

Anyway, I love the look of this card and the look on this guy's face!!!

I think he is saying:
"Oh My God, am I ever bored right now!" You can really read his eyes and his
facial expression (there is none!)

He has looked into the 3 cups on the ground and wasn't interested...and I
wonder if he even notices the 4th cup that is being offered to him
(love being offered just out of the blue:D)

But somehow I find this card very beautiful...and he and I have really "connected today! :laugh:

What do you guys think?



It's such a coincidence you picked this card, Tarotlyn, as this is what came up in the "Advice for today" position of my daily spread!
For me (and I'm sure this interpretation is based on what is going on with me right now), I see him as exhausted to the point of being numb and apathetic about everything. The cross pinned to his shirt and the cup offered to him symbolize to me the need to replenish himself both spiritually and emotionally.


bodhran...that is a great take on the cross...thanks for that!!!

...and let's hope that tomorrow will bring a more positive and engergized day
for both of us!:laugh:

...what else do you guys see or "feel" (cups:D) about this card?



This guy looks totally fed up!
Nothing temps him, not even the cup that the lady like hand is holding out to him.
No he’s not tempted at all.

Bodhran, I love your take on the cross, and I never thought of this card as meaning exhausted.
This has made sense of a reading I did for myself recently.
I was feeling mentally exhausted when this came up in the ‘what’s hidden’ position.
That’s a keeper (scribbling franticly in journal)

I have just noticed the Ivy entwined in the tree. Do you think that it has any significance?


Strangulation, energy being sucked away, under nurished ,deprived of.


re-pete-a said:
Strangulation, energy being sucked away, under nurished ,deprived of.

Yes, makes sense.

Thanks for that. :)


Good eye on noticing the ivy, Stargazer, and good interpretation of it, Re-pete-a!

morticia monroe

Haven't we all felt this way before?

This man is world-weary. Tired down to the soul of having his emotions churning and changing,,,the loves, the losses, the joys and the pains, to the point that he tells himself he just doesn't care anymore,,,,he doesn't want to feel,,,,

His heart has soared, only to be broken. He has laughed in joy, only to later be reduced to tears,, he has learned well that what goes up must come down, and he's tired of riding the wheel,,,,,he doesn't see where all of this is going,,,what's the point? Nothing excites him him anymore,,, He's one step away from becoming the hermit,,,he just wants to get away from it all,,,,,,


morticia monroe said:
He's one step away from becoming the hermit,,,he just wants to get away from it all,,,,,,
Hey wait a minute, that's MY life... :D


My goodness morticia! What a list... and all so true!!!:thumbsup:

You ALL have brought up some great meanings for this card!:)

Some of my favorites:
re-pete-a: energy sucked away
morticia: nothing excites/world-weary
stargazer: fed up
bodhran: exhausted/numb/needs spirituality
myself: bored/despondent

...adding... he is sooooo disappointed regarding his present relationship/s.

He is frustrated and unhappy, and couldn't care less about "anything" right now.:bugeyed: