Touchstone ~ The Sun


The Sun (In honor of All is One :D)

What a cute baby for this card! Here the Fool (who was innocent and naive) has become the Wise Child who no longer has a dog nipping at his heels but rides a horse. It is interesting that this horse has a bridle (the RWS version of this card shows a horse with neither saddle or bridle). The horse may represent the instincts that are now controlled and used as a tool, rather than being used by them. The Sun itself makes me think of clarity and illumination (both physical and spiritual). Being outside the wall seems to say the Wise Child is no longer bound by old perceptions, and enjoys the freedom and happiness of an enlightened outlook on life.

Templar Girl

I like this baby too. I often see figures on the Sun card that look somewhat sinister or "chucky" like. This child, however seems happy and delighted, not chucky-like at all, phew.
I feel that this "Sun child" is back to its original nature, unconditioned by the brainwashing of life and reality. Seeing life through the eyes of a child - unfettered pure joy and excited innocent curiosity, almost a back to Eden. The inner light that shines from within.
(wonder how the baby climbed its way onto the horse, and where is mum, lol) :)


This sun card radiates warmth and energy.
I always feel optimistic and reassured that everything will be ok when I pull this one. It never fails to cheer me up!

The baby is gorgeous and he looks to be having a grand old time on that horse! :D

Bet his mum's close to hand ready to grab him quick if he slips!


I am sooooo glad to see this card show up today!!!
...good choice bodhran...

Way to go, stargazer!!! Love what you said:thumbsup::)

"Oh happy day...Oh happy day!!!"
(love that song! and it reminds me of the Sun card):):):) is a GORGEOUS card...everything in this image is BEAUTIFUL...
the baby, the horse, the bright sunlit sky, the giant sunflowers...all so perfect.

I see the baby as a pure new beginning and of energy needed for things to
come. He/she is naked showing me that he/she is innocent, open, and honest.

The beautiful sunflowers in the background could stand for things successfully
"blossoming" in one's life at this time. And they even hold seeds (of thoughts
or ideas?) for the future.

The wall stands as a block (or limiting in some way) in our regular world of
matter (but would not be a limit in the Spirit World). I think the Sun card
stands for Spirit of the Creator of all Life...only we, as a child, learn that
there may be limits (the wall) in life, but beyond that physical wall we see
the SUN LIGHT...the SPIRIT of the CREATOR of all things...that can heal and
bring us success if we operate in the realm of the Spirit (going beyond our
merely physical existence). OhOh...I am getting deep now...sorry... back to
the basics.

The red sash or cloth, clothing the baby, represents energy and activeness...
a going forth is the time to do is the time to be successful
in whatever you are doing. Go for happy...enjoy it now!

Lastly, it needs to be said that the Sun card is a Leo card, so it rushes into
activity or projects with "fire" and "energy." Being Leo, it may also be ego
driven and has tons of courage & confidence (wants praise & recognition) but
has an open heart for all to see and share with. Anyone operating under this
card, at this time, is BASKING in the Love and Healing of the SUN :) (The Creator or all things).

Note: the horse...maybe someone can comment on why there is always a
horse on this card in most decks?

Defeat or failure for your project, biz, or job because of low vitality, energy,
and/or confidence, or even dishonesty (which can cause others loss
confidence in you). This person is operating mostly out of ego needs. Things
are not totally lost though, and you can pull it out by being more honest in
your dealings.


So funny that I chose this card this morning! My daughter-in-law went into labor today (two weeks early)! I'm now at home with grandson #1 while they're at the hospital, so I may be quiet for a few days as I'll be chasing the 1 yr. old around! :D


The joy that this card projects is stronger than on any other Sun card that I can remember.
The horse on the card could show that to get to the Sun has been a journey with difficult terrain to over come, but there IS a way to get there.


I have read that the horse is a circus horse.
In other decks, it sometimes has a man standing on it like a balancing act.
It has something to do with the cycle of the sun going around and around just like a circus horse. (I think!)

I love what you have all said so far, this is a lovely card.


bodhran said:
So funny that I chose this card this morning! My daughter-in-law went into labor today (two weeks early)! I'm now at home with grandson #1 while they're at the hospital, so I may be quiet for a few days as I'll be chasing the 1 yr. old around! :D

Congratulations! :D


Joining in to say Congratulations! Bodhran on the grandbaby...fits this card well.

good luck chasing the little run around:bugeyed:


Congratulatiosn Bodhran! That is so exciting!
I too love this card, the baby looks so happy. You just have to laugh when a baby laughs!
I think this card is also about your "inner child" and taking time to indulge that inner child through being happy for no reason and taking time to just "play" by using your senses!