Trading-not good?


I was told and read many times that you should not get used cards as they contain the energy of the previous owners and could be negative. I feel pretty serious about not letting anyone use my cards. what do you guys think? I study the connoly tarot handbook. ~Skyeseeker~


I have traded a few decks and personally dont find a problem with other people's energy. mainly i suspect it is because people trade the decks that they dont use much or dont click with so there isnt that much energy to start with. i doubt people would trade a deck there were very close to and used regularly.

I dont often cleanse decks either, i have never felt the need so far and i trust that my energy will slowly become part of teh deck in place of whatever energy was there before.Others probably cleanse and re-energise the decks they trade though.

Also you could find one day that your deck picks up negative energies from a reading or a querant so it isnt necessarily something just caused by them being other people's decks.

Besides no one on here would give bad vibey decks away :)

Seriously though i wouldnt worry about it too much people like to keep there decks to themselves so that the energy matches theres when they are reading with them but it doesnt mean that others cant use them and over time a traded deck will feel as much yours as any other deck in your collection.


skyseeker, I got one of my favorite decks in a trade. And it has turned into one I don't let anyone else touch. I know that's contradictory but.... (shrug)
What's weird is I didn't even have to do anything to it - no cleansing, clearing, etc. ???

I've done 4 or 5 trades - done cleansing on a couple, not all though. But have loved every one of my decks I received in trade.

Just do what feels right to you!


I got the Celtic Tarot in a trade, and it is delightful :) I just felt I clicked with it and that any energy it brought with it from a previous owner was very good.

Do you think that this is like not buying your first pack for yourself, and not reading for yourself - it is all part of the mythology, but it is up to us whether that is meaningful for us or not.