Traditional Fifteen-Card Spread


Hey all,

So I'm re-reading Mrs. Benebell Wen's amazing book Holistic Tarot and (regrettably) during my first read I skipped through the long chapter on Tarot spreads, which features so many great spreads to choose from. This read-through, I promised myself I would read everything (it's such a giant book), and what a great idea because I stumbled upon my newest now-favorite spread, like, ever! It's called the Traditional Fifteen-Card Spread. So here it is. :)


*Note: A Significator card is optional to include and place face-up under Card 1.

As you can see, from Cards 4-15 the cards are dealt counterclockwise, one on the outside of a corner space each time. It wasn't made clear in the book, however, I am led to believe that Elemental Dignities are to be read to discern how the 3 cards of each Line (except Cards 1, 2, and 3) react to/connect with each other because they do not have positional meanings and therefore are dependent upon one another. Also, cards 4-15 are all read from left to right instead of reading them in the order they were dealt.

Card [01]: The present situation/heart of the matter/where you are now.

Card [02]: Past key issue/what was important to the matter.

Card [03]: Future key issue/what will be important to the matter.

Cards [04]+[08]+[12]: The most probable outcome/where you are most likely headed.

Cards [13]+[09]+[05]: An alternative outcome if other decisions and actions are acted upon.

Cards [14]+[10]+[06]: The necessary factors for success/what Seeker needs to do to be successful in the matter.

Cards [07]+[11]+[15]: External factors at play/what needs to be mitigated in the matter/what may feel out of Seeker's control.


Going to give this a try! Thank you for posting.